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PC 14 Inch Single Tier Basket Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set

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Expected on : 1/6/2024

Detailed Description

Please note these baskets include liners with holes for side planting. We cannot substitute the liners without holes so they would be a separate purchase.

14" diameter x 7" deep holds eight side plants, eight top edging plants and one 6" or three 4 1/2" centerpiece plants.

Basic Basket Planters are constructed from heavy gauge steel wire coated in black plastic and are supplied with removable clip-on chains.

The advantages of side planting are many. You get a lush, fully covered container much more quickly and an impressive floral display in weeks instead of months. But side planting used to require time consuming handwork, cutting holes in liners or juggling loose moss. Pamela Crawford's new side planting containers mean you can create spectacular plantings in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

New-design baskets and liners give spectacular instant results. Ingenious holes and slits in the coco-fiber allow mature plants with 3" to 4 " root balls to be inserted.

Side planted hanging baskets look terrific from below as well as from the side. Hang them in groups of three or spaced singly along a porch. Or use our Border Column Kits designed just for these Basic Basket Planters.

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Large basket 5/30/2020
I have the hanging basket but have not filled it yet. It looks like such a great design but I somehow glossed over the fact that I will need 17 plants to fill it plus the potting soil. I am beginning to think it will be a very expensive project. Because of the stay at home issues, I haven't made it over to the big box store to look at their plants and I know my favorite nursery will probably charge around $4 a plant. I'm wondering if I should have just bought an already planted one.... I'm also wishing that there was a smaller basket system for sale. One that would use half as many plants would be perfect for me.Other than that, the system is well made and should last thru many years of use. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.
- Leslie Sanders, WA
Neat solution 5/7/2020
So much easier to plant than other baskets. Mine look fabulous already! Also like the feature that makes it easier to remove for the winter.
- David Stanley, PA
Nice looking 4/15/2020
This basket is really nice can't wait for the weather to warm so I can plant. I'm sure it's going to be a beauty!
- Doris Bater, NY
I really like this basket 4/6/2020
I got the 14 small basket and followed the guide and plant recommendations on side planting. There is a little bit of a learning curve in getting the plants in the holes without damaging the plant. Once finished, the basket looked really full and colorful. I really like the solid look of the column in front of the house. It has a much different look than that of a pot or a hanging basket. The only negative is that it is hard to attach a fully loaded basket on to the column. Once the basket is securely attached to the column disk, it is very sturdy and does not wobble. Unfortunately, that secure fitting makes it is a little difficult to unclip the basket to rotate it for even growth. Despite that, I have ordered another one to continue the look of the post mounted basket. I have gotten many compliments from neighbors and passers-by.
- Carl, TX
Sideplanter 12/2/2019
Love the Pamela Crawford side planter - also thankful to the prior poster regarding lining the planter with a black trash bag. Let see how long this would last . I wish the column had pre-drilled holes, so the installation would have been easier for a non handy person like myself! Pamela s instruction videos are wonderful. i m her huge fan!!
- Nim, FL
Fantastic products! 5/13/2019
I have seven side planter hanging baskets, two are Imperials, and three wall planters. I've been using them since 2009 and can't imagine my porch and pergola without them. It does take some trial and error to get the right mix of plants, depending on their location. But once you figure that out, they are a joy each year. I highly recommend trying these planters. They are especially great if you want a show stopper display. I mingle my side planters between regular hanging baskets, and it's a beautiful display.
- Marcia J, MO
perfection 4/25/2019
i made a mistake but Kinsman Garden too care of it immediately. Great products, fantastic service.
- Mary, NJ
First attempt 7/12/2017
Received the basket in great shape. My first try with this type of basket. Planting instructions great, planting was easy. By second day the flowers were perky and looking good. Love it. Will do again next summer with vibrant colors.
- Inta, OH
Love it! 6/27/2017
After years, finally time to replace. Can't imagine life without my baskets each year.
- Joannie, FL
designer quality 5/21/2017
Love these pedestal containers. I have 4 now
- Lori, NY
Looks good! 5/14/2017
It does look cool once we finally got it put together. It was much harder to do than anticipated. Baskets planted and waiting for them to fill in
- Susan Putman, NJ
Fst. side planter 5/11/2016
Loved the idea, loved the planter. The instructions were fine, but I was awkward at first. The 2nd and 3rd planters went much faster. They are already looking great. I can't wait for a clouple more weeks to pass.
- Jo Corbett, OH
14 4/23/2016
Loved taking the challenge to do something new! Can't wait to watch it grow!
- Karla, NC
Excellent Quality 2/23/2016
I've been looking at this for a long time, and have admired the photos in the catalog of the planted ones as well. Haven't planted mine yet, but I think it will be perfect. Very well made!
- Debbie, CA
Pamela Crawford planters 10/14/2015
This is my 4th planter/post that I have displayed in my yard. MANY compliments on their beauty. Worth the investment, I have had the first three for 5 years.
- Karen, CO
It already looks amazing 5/20/2015
Super easy to plant up and it already looks amazing after only one week.
- Colleen Darkow, MD
Ms 6/17/2014
Sturdy basket that lasted through two seasons.
- Kathleen Williams, IL
cpiskorski 6/7/2014
Will buy again. Potting holes are well spaced. Liners fit perfect in basket. My two arrangements look great and are growing well.
- Carol Piskorski, MA
Outstanding 5/30/2014
I have been using the 14 side planters for several years! They far exceed regular baskets in showiness and beauty! They are so full immediately! People are always commenting on how beautiful and full they are!
- Glenna Maney, GA
14-inch planter basket w/liner 5/18/2014
When I first opened the box that the planter came in, I thought it would be way too big for my use. But once I got it planted, I found it was just right! I love that I have a choice of hanging it setting it on a platform or plant stand. It really looks fabulous and I absolutely love it! The step-by-step planting instructions were also (surprisingly) helpful. I've been planting flowers for YEARS and thought I knew all there is to know about how to plant and side-plant flowers in pots. But I learned a new and easier way by reading the instructions enclosed with the planter. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more!
- Janie, AL
love it! 5/17/2014
love the hanging basket - i planted annuals in it 10 days ago - and happy to see them doing so well. Plan to purchase one for my daughter as a gift.
- Janet Vaughan, VA
Looks great! 5/2/2014
The baskets arrived in plenty of time: we're still waiting for the frost to clear, but they look very sturdy and easy to use. I can't wait until after Mother's day.
- Anne Greeson, UT
First time 4/18/2014
I have never used one of these before and it is still too early here to get plants, but the order arrived very quickly.
- Charline Huwe, WI
Bountiful Baskets 3/30/2014
This is the second season that I've planted hanging baskets using the side planting method but the first time using the Pamela Crawford baskets. The design, shape and size of the baskets and coco inserts make side planting so easy, resulting in a beautiful hanging basket. Spend the money, make your life easier. Great product.
- Wendy, CA
PC 14 3/11/2011
Love these. They are much sturdier than the ones you get at the local garden mart. I hope to have them for years to come.
- Carol Fisler, GA
PC 14 1/31/2011
Wonderful large baskets and such a brilliant idea. Love them, will never be without.
- Joannie, FL