Plant Supports

Our plant supports are available in many varieties, and designed to prevent plants from flopping onto the ground, so you can enjoy them at their best. All are made from heavy gauge wire, powder coated green to last for years - check our customers' reviews.

Grow Throughs are placed over plants in early Spring - but Linking-Stakes, Border Supports and Single-Stem supports can come to the rescue whenever needed.

  • Grow Throughs
    5 sizes of heads from 12" to 30" diameter. 4 sizes of 3-leg sets from 18" to 36". Choose to match the sizes and heights of your plants.
  • Linking Stakes
    Each stake has a loop on top of its stem and a hook at the end of its arm, to link into the loop of the next stake. Use them in rings of any size to surround clumps of plants - or in lines. Re-use year after year. Sold in dozens. Choose from 5 sizes from 12" to 40".
  • Single Stem Supports
    Unobtrusively stake specimen blooms like lilies, gladioli and delphiniums. Choose from 24", 36" and 48" sizes.
  • Border Supports
    Versatile supports can be used back-to-back or in lines, to stop unruly border plants from flopping onto lawns or paths. Hooped tops are 15" across. 34" or 20" heights to choose.