EverEdge Lawn Edging

Permanent Galvanized Steel Lawn Edging

EverEdge is the permanent galvanized steel lawn edging solution to the age-old problem of maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, path edging and flower and vegetable beds. EverEdge is easy to install, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Most importantly, this metal landscape edging can be mown over, eliminating the time-consuming and back-breaking effort of manually achieving neat edging.

EverEdge is perfect for landscape edging and will last many years, unlike other plastic or rubber-based edging material.


Everedge Lawn Edging - A Path Before and After

Before & After

EverEdge is easy to install, and stays locked in place for decades.

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EverEdge available in 3 sizes and 5 colors

EverEdge is available in
three sizes and five colors

Everedge Metal Lawn Edging
EVED $79.95 - $165.95

EverEdge available in 3 sizes & 5 colors

The integral stakes are a
unique feature of EverEdge.

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