A Message To Our Customers

A Message To Our Customers

Dear Gardening Friends,

Last year we celebrated our 41st year of business serving gardeners - and we Thank You for giving us this opportunity.

For many people having discovered the joys of gardening, staying closer to home and continuing to enjoy their own secluded and protective gardens in the company of family and friends remains a comforting pastime.

Surround yourselves with flowers and foliage. Barbecue delicious dinners with a glass of wine. Enjoy the company of Birds, Pollinators and Butterflies.

We have been busy placing orders to anticipate your gardening needs for 2024. While our goal is to ship your orders in timely fashion we'd like to say that placing your order early in the season offers the best chance of getting what you want when you want it for YOUR gardening season. This is especially true for planters and replacement liners. These are in high demand.

Look for our catalog in the mail! Be inspired by our 2023 Pamela Crawford contest winners. Think about how our planters, arches and other garden structures can enhance your gardening pleasure this summer and for years to come. And don't forget the birds! We have lots of birdhouses and feeders for them to enjoy.

We hope your garden will bring you peace and joy! Keep well and please be mindful of the needs of others.

Happy Gardening!

Graham and Michele Kinsman