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Fabulous Fun Bottle Tree

Fabulous Fun Bottle Tree
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Expected on : 1/30/2024

Detailed Description

Bottles not included

Make a cheerful, festive garden feature with your own choice of different colored wine bottles. Our special design is made from sturdy steel, but it curves and branches like a tree and the surface is textured, distressed and painted to look like bark.

Fits into a plastic sleeve you bury in the ground and pack around with rocks for stability. Empty bottles mount onto steel "twigs" with safely looped ends.

The Southern tradition of Bottle Trees dates back to Africa, where it was thought blue bottles especially would capture evil spirits.

82" tall overall, 17" across
Holds up to 20 bottles.

Detail shows how the steel pipe is cleverly painted and distressed to look like bark.

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Love it 6/8/2021
We added a 3/4 electrical conduit to the base to make it taller. Painted it brown to match. It looks amazing! Unfortunately I can't upload a photo or I would show you. The best bottle tree around
- Donna D, MD
Bottle Tree 4/16/2021
I love the bottle tree that I bought. It is well built and easy to assemble. I liked that I could use my own bottles to decorate the tree.
- Dianne Echols, MS
nice product 12/6/2020
Impressively designed and well constructed. Study. Attractive.
- David, PA
Bottle tree 10/24/2020
Very nice and sturdy so far. Don't expect the trunk to look like a tree. I didn't care about that feature so I was not disappointed.
- Kim Gross, FL
Bottle tree 9/20/2020
This is the second one I have purchased one for myself and one for my sister these bottle trees are the sturdiest of any I have previously purchased they are very strong and attractive.
- Nancy, FL
Bottle Tree 8/23/2020
I've wanted a bottle tree for many years & when I saw this one in the catalog I just had to order it. I love it & it holds 21 bottles, it turned out beautiful.
- Debbie McCord, NC
Bottle tree 7/22/2020
Very satisfied with my purchase. It looks great and was easy to install.
- Lynn, IN
Short & Sweet 6/19/2020
I love my bottle tree! Except, I didn't realize, after 18 goes into the ground. The tree would be so short! It is sweet though! But, none the less, very well made, great quality, sturdy, and a great looking tree! I would purchase again! 1st time ordering from kinsmangarden.com! Thanks you kinsmangarden.com!
- Igloo, IA
Bottle tree 6/16/2020
Loving my bottle tree, seems durable and sturdy.
- Darla, KY
Customer service is second to none! 6/13/2020
I purchased the bottle tree - which is beautiful - but arrived slightly damaged. I contacted Kinsman. They were extremely apologetic and sent a replacement part which I received the next day. Unfortunately, there was another minor glitch. Once again, Kinsman's customer service made sure to get another part to me the very next day. They would stop at nothing - short of perfection. Everyone at Kinsman was kind, helpful and friendly. The customer service alone is enough to make me a lifelong customer - to say nothing of the quality and uniqueness of the products (I purchased multiple items). I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. Thank you Kinsman.
- Kathleen, MD
Amazing Bottle Tree 6/1/2020
Very happy with this purchase! Looks great in my yard and easy to install! Would highly recommend!
- Lori, KY
Love My Bottle Tree! 5/31/2020
I read a book about a bottle tree and then studied this southern tradition and had to find one! I searched for a well made and creative tree. This is just the best art statement in my garden. I simply love it!
- Kathy McFarland, MA
Upclose details are not that good 4/17/2020
I have been looking for a great bottle tree for a while and this one has the look that I wanted. The style is unique and fun. Though, the description shows an up close photo that says Detail shows how the steel pipe is cleverly painted and distressed to look like bark. Not true, there is just paint brush strokes on mine in a lighter brown color, no distressed bark look, which I was looking forward to seeing. Obviously the quality has gone down on these from when they first listed it. The craftmanship is just not there and that detailed photo is very deceiving.
- Linda, GA
Bottle tree 2/25/2020
This was the second time that I ordered the bottle tree and it is fabulous! This order was for my second home and I added an extra one for a gift. I had tried other ones over the years but this one leads the pack. Living in the south the bottle tree has a place in the garden, both for beauty and history. Thank you kinsman for a great product!
- Anne Allison, NC
Bought one...then bought two more! 11/21/2019
I bought this bottle tree not for BOTTLES, but for MITTENS, SCARVES and HATS. I put one in my front yard, which is in a walkable neighborhood in Minnesota. All winter long people in our neighborhood find lost winter items, and we don't know what to do with them. I thought, Wouldn't it be great to have an open air lost and found? Well, this winter there will be a neighborhood mitten forest in my front yard!I looked all over for bottle trees and picked this one because 1) it's well made, 2) the end of branch has a nice loop so empty branches won't poke passerbys, and 3) because we put THREE in our front yard we wanted to have them at different heights -- and your design makes different heights possible. We were so pleased when we bought the first tree that we bought two more.Because the trees will not bear much weight, we installed the tubes in the ground and simply slid the trees into them. In the summer we will slide the trees out of the tubes, put little end caps on the tubes -- we bought the caps for a few dollars at a hardware store -- and store them in our garage until the return of lost mitten season.
- Elizabeth Alexander, MN
RH 8/19/2019
Wonderful bottle tree and installation was very easy...
- Rebecca Hutto, AL
My second one! 6/7/2019
I loved my first bottle tree, which I bought many years ago, so much that I just had to have another! It is so easy to assemble and SO sturdy and well constructed. I did use a PVC pipe I inserted into the ground to help stabilize it.
Wanted one for years 5/15/2019
I love this bottle tree. It is so well made and so sturdy. We followed the instructions on how to set it up and it is very secure. This is by far the best one I have seen.
- Becky Spicer, NH
bottle tree 4/30/2019
I put my bottle tree up and added my blue bottles. My question to you is it OK to bend the branches down without snapping them off? I think it would look much nicer if they could bend down some? Thank you
- Audrey L, TN
Fabulous 3/17/2019
Great addition to my hatden! Way to display pretty/special bottles
- Karen E, FL
Bottle Tree 6/8/2018
Love my bottle tree. It is so much better than the typical rebar knock offs you see elsewhere.
- Lynne Curtis, OK
Beautiful form 1/27/2018
I bought this bottle tree a few years ago and it is still standing tall. Goes together easy and not difficult to install.
- Nancy, CT
Love This! 11/12/2017
We have two of these fun bottle trees in our front yard and get lots of compliments from visitors. I am buying for a friend for Christmas.
- Karen, CO
Meme 11/5/2017
Fabulous is the word!!
- Catherine Devaney, MO
Bottle tree 8/11/2017
Absolutely love it. The tree looks so realistic! Pretty sculpture for my flower bed.
- Mary Lou, NJ
I've been looking at bottle trees for months. They are mostly rebar which I did not want. I found this on sale at Kinsman's! I'm so happy with the look! The plastic sleeve didn't work too well in the concrete. Ended up pulling it out and putting the bottom part of the pole which screws off into the concrete. Perfect! Now I'm on the hunt for blue wine bottles. I highly recommend this bottle tree!!!
- Kathleen Humphrey, MO
Birthday Surprise 4/7/2017
Our daughter told us several months ago that she would like to have a bottle tree. When I saw your tree online, I knew that would be her gift. She loves it.
- Carolyn Teseneer, NC
Bottle Tree 1/23/2017
You will not want to post this one. This is the third bottle tree I have purchased. I love having one (all blue bottles). The first one held more bottle and blew over a couple times until it was bent.. The second one broke off in a storm.
- Mary Warner, IA
Great sculpture 12/20/2016
I have one &bought this one for my neighbor, we both love it. This one was less expensive than any we found locally.
- Peter Kadrich, AZ
Looks great, but will it last? 7/21/2016
I love the looks of this tree. I filled mine up with a mixture of blue wine bottles and smaller blue beer bottles. After one season I noticed the joint that connects the bottom to the middle was rusting and eventually split causing my tree to almost topple over. I fixed it with a pipe clamp where the metal split and haven't had any issues since. I just wonder if anyone else has had this issue. Other than that it's a great little tree!
- Rebecca, VA
Awesome 7/4/2016
We are very happy with our bottle tree. Put it up right away & everyone that drives by enjoys it.
- Kaylene, WI
Bottle Tree 3/13/2016
This is the 2nd bottle tree I have ordered. The first one lasted several years, but finally met it's match with the wind this year. I ordered a new one and was delighted to see that the branch actually hold less bottles now. Love it!
- Mary Warner, IA
Bottle Tree 1/29/2016
I can't wait until warmer weather to put my bottle tree in my flower garden! I love it! I'm planning on getting one for my son.
- Nancy Foxx, MD
Wine tree 7/6/2015
Very well packed. Very easy to assemble. Looks as good as the picture. Being able to easily rotate is a plus. Not 84 tall after mounting in ground. More like 66. Very well constructed. Recommended.
- Ken, NJ
bottle tree 5/14/2015
I am very happy with this tree. It is sturdly built and with the stand in the ground it stays upright. I had a tree before that just had the spikes like a shepard hook. It was very difficult to keep up. I would definitely recommend this one.
- Sue, NY
wine bottle tree 4/6/2015
Love it. A great addition to our backyard.
- Marguerite, VA
Shale 3/30/2015
This was a gift for my sister-in-law and she loved it. The bottle tree was very well made. Love the tree-like bark design.
- Sue Hale, GA
Nice 10/8/2014
Easy assembly, artistic design, and perfect size for my yard arrangement.
- Marvin King, FL
Looks great with blue bottles! 9/3/2014
Very pleased, happy with the tree-like shape. Actually drilled into the hard, red, Georgia clay to secure the base without cement!
- M.T., GA
bottle tree 8/20/2014
Easy to assemble. Very satisfactory so far.
- Sarah Califf, SC
Colored Bottles 8/8/2014
product was as order and very fast turn around. would order from this site again
- Brenda Smith, KY
Excellant 8/6/2014
Love my bottle tree, it looks more like a real tree than the others.
- Lisa Bange, VA
Mrs 7/22/2014
Purchasing a second one! Adds color and whimsy to a part of my yard where it is hard to keep flowers alive! Very sturdy, cemented the sleeve in so I could remove for winter. Look at world market imports, pier one and ikea for interesting bottles.
- C Brown, VA
Great Tree 7/21/2014
I love my new bottle tree, it's well constructed and very sturdy! I can't wait to get all my bottles on it!
- Belinda York, IN
Nice Yard Art 7/11/2014
Very happy with the bottletree. I would recommend this product to anyone
- Susan Jordan, FL
Bad packaging 6/29/2014
Delivered with a broken off limb doesn't hold 24 bottles, only 20. And the packaging was awful. Only wrapped in plastic and the tree limbs we're poking out of the box. They need to wrap the limbs in pipe protector that we use for winter... Have not put it in the ground yet but I plan to use a bucket and cement. *** We're still waiting to hear back from you to see which piece needs to be replaced. ***
- Renee knecht, CA
The best bottle tree I've seen! 5/20/2014
We are so happy with this already....and we only have 4 bottles on it! Took the advise of other reviewers and cemented the base into the ground so we can remove it come winter. But we can't wait till it is full (husband wants yellow bottles on it; does anyone know where to get yellow bottles? :)
- Brenda Hickernell, PA
Southern Bottle Tree 3/28/2014
Great price. Bought now because of free shipping. Easy to assemble and seems sturdy.
- Marsha, GA
I really like this! 3/23/2014
I have been thinking about buying a bottle tree for the garden and have compared a number of them. This one is price competitive, has a nice finish and the tree has two branches. Not features I found in others. Can't wait to set it up.
- Elaine Van, MI
Bottle Tree 3/18/2014
Ground is still frozen but love the look of my bottle tree. Looking forward to adorning my garden!
- Shari Maddox, NE
Bottle Tree 12/29/2013
Looks good and appears to be well made, looking forward to setting it up.
- Larry, NC
Happy Mom! 1/4/2013
Gave this tree to my Mom for Christmas...she loves it! We used the sleeve and rocks to anchor. Will buy more...so pretty in the sun!
- Anna G., GA
Neat, needs an anchor 1/19/2012
This is a really cool bottle tree, but be prepared to anchor the sleeve, or the entire lower portion of the trunk, in cement. If this item is fully loaded with bottles, it will be top-heavy and very prone to leaning and/or tipping over, therefore breaking all your bottles and making a mess. Other than that, this is a great item, and I may buy a second one soon.
- michelle, TX