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Downspout Cover Trellis (4/pack)

Downspout Cover Trellis (4/pack)
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Detailed Description

Clothe your unsightly downspouts with beautiful flowering vines with this clever downspout cover trellis. Clematis look delightful on these trellises and will come back year after year. Moon vines, morning glories and Dutchman's Pipes work well, too.

Four 30" green wire trellises rise 10 ft. from the ground. These trellises can also be assembled back-to-back in a tube to cover a mailbox post with vines. Use them as a lamp post trellis or encircle a porch post to create an elegant entryway to your home. The diameter is approximately 7" when putting 2 panels together.

Mounting hardware and cable ties included. This trellis can be anchored to the wall on either side of the downspout with the enclosed hardware or you can use the included cable ties if you prefer not anchoring it to the wall.

Four x 30" sections in each pack

Click to print Assembly Instructions.

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Downspout cover 4/11/2022
Made very sturdy and should hold a lot of weight.
- Linda Jenkins, IL
Item is as described 3/9/2022
Easy to work with, inexpensive, and functional as described.
- Amy T, TX
Wonderful Invention! 4/20/2021
I used this around an eyesore telephone type pole in our flowerbed - it was easy to install and worked wonderfully! The clematis is already climbing it. I've ordered two more sets to use on our corner spouts with blue morning glories and yellow nasturtiums. I can't wait to see the end result - I anticipate it will soften the tall brick corners and add so much beauty. Delighted to find Kinsman!
- Caryn, PA
Trellis 4/11/2021
Bought your down spout trellis to go around a 4x4 cloths pole , I had to re order another set of 4 trellis, as I needed two to go around the 4x4 pole. So far it looks like it is going to work and I will have vines growing around my pole this summer. I must say that I received the trellis with in a few days of my order.
- Charles Roberts, NY
down spout trellis 3/28/2021
Such a unique idea! Trellis is sturdy and directions to install easy to follow. My neighbor was impressed and bought one for herself too!
- Karen Acton, IA
Trellis 3/20/2021
Ordered to go around a 4x4 clothes line pole (how many people know what that is) the pole being larger than a down spout , I had to place another order for 4 more. The product looks good, not too noticeable on the post'
- Charles Roberts, NY
Downspout Cover Trellis 2/3/2021
I love this downspout cover trellis, it makes it so easy to train my Clematis. It will look beautiful.
- Debbie F, SC
Garden downspout 12/26/2020
Can't wait for spring to come so I can put out the trellises & start plants to grow.
- Suzi, MA
Anxious for next spring! 10/6/2020
Too late in the season for official review, but installation was easy. I did spray paint the trellis cover to match our gutter downspouts. Anxious to see how clematis climbs its new home next spring!
- Jean, KS
Downspout trellis 8/8/2020
This was exactly what I was looking for! Now I just need that vine to grow!
- Susan Evitt, TX
Downspout Trellis 8/8/2020
Great product. Still waiting for flowers I planted to bloom to really see how they'll look, but I think they'll be exactly as I wanted. Thank you!
- Deniece Burns, CA
Love the Trellis' 8/3/2020
I bought a set and they worked so well I bought a second set. My thunbergia is trailing more and more everyday. The red morning glory is also growing at warp speed.So happy a friend had the trellis' and gave me Kinsman's website. The trellis' go over a cement porch wall and are just perfect. Love my humming bird feeder too.
- Susan K., CA
Downspout trellis 7/15/2020
We love these so much we have them on all five downspouts and two light poles. We painted them white to match the downspouts. My clematis look awesome on these. Highly recommend!
- Janet Crumly, IN
Something different 7/15/2020
This trellis is perfect for the downspout next to my porch. No holes to put into the mortar.
- Marieann Sieroslawski, IL
Solved my Problem 6/28/2020
I Had a problem - how can I train a vine to grow up the side posts of a new Arbor in my garden? It was solved by using a gutter trellis around one side of the post. I did not even need to use screws to attach, just the zip ties that were provided!
- JoAnn Carlson, MN
Perfect for the Porch 6/16/2020
I am using the Downspout Cover Trellis along the concrete top of our porch wall. I saw the trellis at a neighbor's apartment in our Senior Living complex.I have one plant happily growing along one trellis and plan to buy more creeping plants to utilize the other trellises. Wish I had purchased several years ago.
- Susan Levy, CA
Would recommend 6/13/2020
Really worked well, very sturdy. Only flaw was lacking attachment pieces, reason for 4 out of 5 rating.
- Deena, CA
Love this! 5/29/2020
I've looked at so many options! Was thrilled to finally find this unique way to support vines for good! We have put up two So far and they look great. Not noticeable! Can't wait to put up third one!!
- Maggie Hutto, TN
Creative Use of Downspout Trellis! 5/23/2020
I have multiple clematis vines that a prior owner planted near pergola posts. They had tried to tie them around the structure for support. Looking for a solution I ordered these and have attached them to 6 posts now to provide a structure for them to grown around. They are thriving!! I wish I could upload photos to show the before and after as it is quite dramatic! Last summer before these they kept falling over in a huge bundle, now for the first time they have already reached the top of he pergola and hopefully will provide a beautiful canopy by the end of summer!
- Anjie, WA
Loie 5/16/2020
These downspout trellises are perfect and look great. I have purchased them more than once and probably will again in the future!
- Laurie Watson, CT
Beautiful way to hide downspouts 5/15/2020
Well made, easy to install, good price
- Marjorie Larsen, OR
Awesome for a lantern pole 5/12/2020
I have a lantern on a pole in my front yard and wanted clematis growing up it. I looked everywhere for something to help me make this happen and finally found this product. What's cool about it is you don't pay attention to the trellis and I set it up so mine goes around the pole. Right now my vine is small so I only need the trellis to be small. But once it's ready I will attach the next trellis section on top and let the vine keep going. I love it!
- Amy Morgan, AL
Great for clematis ! 5/11/2020
Used it around a birdhouse pole for a clematis.
- Donna, ME
Love It! 5/8/2020
My clematis looks so pretty on it and it is very sturdy.
- DEBORAH Rawson, CA
Gutter covers 4/28/2020
Great product. Enought for two gutters at a good price
- Wendy Cirimele, CA
Trellis to cover mailbox post. 4/11/2020
I had one at the house I sold. I needed one for this new to us house. They are great for Climatis to climb on. It makes the Climatis stand out. Love it!
- Elizabeth Sigler, GA
Looks promising! 8/8/2019
Put my bougainvillea on this around a 6 post. Will see how it does, but sure looks as though it's going to be just right! Have a pic, but can't seem to get it to copy to this.
Downspout Trellis 6/24/2019
I love the downspout trellis! It is super easy to install and looks beautiful as my climbers grow. I have them on my mailbox post, and downspouts on my porches and garage!
- Ellie Cruz, MD
Works Great 6/5/2019
With some stainless steel screws attaching the frames to our posts, I am hopeful that these frames will hold up my Princess Diana clematis. We live at the Oregon coast where everything metal rusts remarkably quickly so will keep you posted on how these frames hold up.
- Victoria Fuller, OR
versatile 5/31/2019
I use these to cover young starts like tomato, chard, radish to protect from critters. Love these!
- Char Newman, NY
Perfect but . . . 5/29/2019
I could not wait for the Downspout Trellis Covers to arrive. Sadly, I do not know what type of downspout they are designed for, but they are dramatically larger than the area around my downspouts and can not be attached in any of the areas I was hoping to use them.
- Brenda, NH
Great for a lamp post 6/27/2018
Was looking for a product that would allow me to put a Vine around my lamp post this product works perfectly
- Diane Jamieson, NC
Great for a lamp post 6/27/2018
Was looking for a product that would allow me to put a Vine around my lamp post. this product works perfectly
- Diane Jamieson, NC
Terrific Trellis 6/8/2018
This is a wonderful way to mask a downspout. My Clematis has immediately taken to it and is a welcome addition to a garden right next to our front door.
- Louisa Garrison, MA
great 3/25/2018
very good
- alan, OH
Great Trellis 2/22/2018
I bought two of these to cover my front porch posts so my clematis could climb up them. They worked like a dream. Wonderful product that I highly recommend.
- Janet Williamson, CO
Liz 1/23/2018
Saw this product with blooming clematis at a home nearby. I will be planting soon too.
- Elizabeth Woodard, MD
Downspout 7/7/2017
My clematis is loving it. Can't wait til it's filled in. It's going to look beautiful.
- Kim, VA
Nicely made; works well 7/5/2017
These worked great for covering our downspout. The clematis is growing well on it already. Delivered fast, packaged well, instructions easy to follow. Just wish the long zip ties had been a tad longer, since that would have made installation a bit easier.
- Kimberly I, IL
Great downspout cover trellis 6/30/2017
This trellis is very well made and will look wonderful when my Clematis grows up to cover my downspout. I highly recommend it!
- Marge Beaver, MI
Drain Covers 6/26/2017
These semicircular trellises are perfect for covering a downspout with beautiful clematis or other climbing vines.
- Ava Barbour, NY
Returned: Downspout Cover Trellis 6/21/2017
The description didn't include the width for anchoring to the exterior wall; it was too wide. The cover itself was good quality. It was $14.00 USPS to return the cover since Kinsman Company doesn't cover return shipping costs. It's suggested that the product description includes the width for exterior wall installation.
- Lady Mayflower, IL
Green downspout trellis 6/10/2017
Although we have not had time to put the trellis up yet we have thoroughly inspected it and it appears to be a great and sturdy product. I hope to get it up soon I can't wait to see my new Clematis growing beautifully up my downspout !!
- Connie, VA
Downspout trellis 5/27/2017
I am using this as a support around an outdoor lamppost. The set includes some hardware but I had to order an additional set of zip ties from another retailer. It is so easy to assemble that I am going to order a couple more sets, look for some shade-loving plants, and set up the trellises on some downspouts.
- Lisa, FL
Super trellis 5/27/2017
Exactly what I wanted trellis is mount on our posts that hold up our patio cover and the pot at the bottom of the post and the trellises run-up the post to hold my Cardinal Vine
- John schott, WA
Down spout Trellis covers Great idea 5/13/2017
Love the Idea, & are Decent quality. I needed longer cable ties for Mine however they worked great, also I painted mine white to match my Home & to prevent Future Rust.Customer Service By Diane at Kinsman Co was exemplary, I would have ordered elsewhere but customer service sold me Thank You for the Great product
- David J, MN
ties are insufficient 5/6/2017
The downspout trellis fits nicely around a light post and is unobtrusive except for the cheap white plastic fasteners. Similar to handcuff straps (not that I would know from experience!) they are difficult to manage and stand out like sore thumbs. I quickly reached for my green twist ties and was able to put this thing together in about 5 minutes. Now it's sturdy AND unobtrusive
- KCurl, NC
Downspout trellis 4/22/2017
Works great. Clematis is happily climbing to the top!
- Linda Deurer, PA
Downspout Cover Trellis 2/25/2017
I have an old gaslight pole I'm using these to cover so my clematis has something to grow on.
- Susan Harper, TX
installation 7/25/2016
the installation process was easy but the connecting loop had to be bent a bit downward to be able to be connected with same screw and loop on lower piece. very happy with this product.
- Bruce Treiber, NY
Downspout Trellis 6/13/2016
This was ordered because we installed one like it last year and it has worked great.
- Elizabeth Elliott, CO
Wire Cages for Posts 6/6/2016
These are supposed to be for downspouts but I have used 2 of them to help clematis up a wooden fence post. They are a great price and were easy to install, including the screws in the packet :-) jks
- Jean S., OH
Downspout Vine Support 6/3/2016
I'm sure my purchase will be put to good use but due to storm damage, at least one of the downspouts is no more. I have vines waiting as soon as it is replaced.
- Lynn D, LA
Downspout trellis 4/23/2016
A great idea, and a quality product, Easily installed, the only issue is waiting now for the vine to grow!
- Steve Hecker, MI
Perfect for lamp posts 4/19/2016
Used this for clematis growing up lamp post in driveway. So easy to install
- Nancy, RI
NICE PRODUCT 4/18/2016
The trellis is of excellent construction. We're going to enjoy watching clematis climb it.
- Everett DeHart, OH
Gardner 42 4/13/2016
I purchased the downspout trellis. the product was easy to install and very decorative.
- Heidi, CA
Just as I expected 2/19/2016
Kinsman's product are always practical and attractive .
- Ruth Stuhr, IL
Great product 6/18/2015
These are very easy to install using cable ties. Note that they have to be bigger than your downspout to leave room for the plants to twine around them. I bought some slightly longer cable ties to make it easier slide one end through the other. My Sweet Autumn clematis is already up to the fourth section. I'm back buying more!
- Aliza, GA
great for vines 5/26/2015
I anchored downspout trellis against my chain link fence posts for moon flower vines and clematis, works very well
- darnelle, IL
Has to be attached to the house. 5/9/2015
Had I know that I would not have ordered them. From the picture it looked like the fit tightly around the downspout. They are at least 1 inch wider than my downspout. I returned them.***** There are two options for attaching the Downspout Cover Trellis. One is to use the included hardware to affix to your house, and the second option is to use the cable ties that are also supplied. *****
- Lynn Halle, RI
Downspout Trellis 5/3/2015
Super unique idea and it works like a charm!! My clematis love it!!
- Shannon, IL
Wish I had these years ago 5/3/2015
Easy to install & look great. I love clematis and now I don't have to have a trellis against the side of my house. This is an ingenious way to brighten corners and hide very plain downspouts!
- Reehaw, IN
Downspout cover 4/21/2015
I bought one about ten years ago but used it on a pergola support pole. It is still doing well in our area where everything rusts away and the vines trail up to the pergola roof. So I bought more to put on the porch posts.
- Ann, TX
Gutter trellis 7/21/2014
Makes the morning glory spread out and grow much thicker and healthier.
- Tina McIvor, MO
downspout trellis 5/15/2014
I'm excited to have the trellis up and the clematis planted. This is going to be a great addition to my garden,
- mildred wells, NC
Downspout trellis 5/9/2014
Perfect for my clematis
- Jessica, OH
Mr 5/5/2014
What a great product! We liked the first downspout trellis so much we ordered another!
- James Jernigan, TX
I believe this will work wonderfully! 5/3/2014
I bought the downspout cover to use as a cage around a lampost for my fairly large clematis. It couldn't be easier to install and looks to be plenty sturdy to hold the plant. So far no issues with wind disturbing it either.
- karen, NY
Quality Product 5/1/2014
Very pleased with downspout trellis. Excellent quality and easy to install. Looking forward to seeing the blooms climbing this summer.
- Ann Isaac, PA