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Plantskydd (pronounced: plant-skid) contains no synthetic additives, is non-toxic, and is not harmful to animals or the environment. Plantskydd is Swedish for 'plant-protection,' where it was first developed to protect its vast tree plantations from browsing by deer, rabbits and moose—while also adhering to its strict environmental laws. It is equally effective protecting ornamentals, shrubs, and food crops.

Made from (porcine or bovine) dried blood, vegetable oil, and water, Plantskydd repels by emitting an odor browsing animals associate with predator activity—stimulating a fear-based response that will have garden feeders looking for somewhere else to dine.

Unlike other repellents that quickly lose their effectiveness after irrigating or rainfall, Plantskydd is rain and snow resistant. It does not require immediate re-application and is now the #1 animal repellent choice of professional growers, foresters, and landscapers.

Plantskydd—the first animal repellent OMRI Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as suitable for use in the production of organic food and is USDA approved for organic gardening. It has long been recognized as an organic fertilizer!