1 Qt Plantskydd Deer Repellent (Ready To Use)

Item Number: PS-QT


Made in USA

Enough to cover 500 sq ft of plants. The great thing about Plantskydd is that it lasts a lot longer than other repellents, because it doesn't wash off with rain. It lasts up to 6 months on shrubs during winter dormancy and just needs 24 hours to dry after application. Then you're all set.
Made from dried blood and a tenacious vegetable oil binder that sticks to plants, it is 100% natural and 100% Organic. Listed by OMRI for Organic production, it contains no synthetic additives. It is effective for deer, rabbits. elk ,moose and other herbivores.
"Plantskydd" is Swedish for "Plant Protection". It was developed there almost 20 years ago to protect young trees from hungry deer and elk through 6 months of severe winter and 3-4 months of the summer growing season. As a bonus, Plantskydd works as a foliar fertilizer spray and promotes growth naturally.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you find Plantskydd doesn't work for you, just return the empty pack & your Kinsman receipt for a refund.


deer gone
Jul 18, 2014 | Linda
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was using another product which washed off in all the rain we have been having, so far this has not and the deer stopped eating my new fruit trees

Deer repellant
Jul 18, 2014 | Judy Stiles
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My property adjoins a county park with herds of deer, lots of deer damage. I applied this product and was surprised that it looked like a crime scene! Turns out the main ingredient is blood. Not pretty on my white variegated hosta leaves. It does seem to repel the deer. Or maybe they are eating the neighbors gardens. But it attracted my dog who damaged the plants as badly as the deer had by biting the leaves and rolling on the plants. I would not use this product in an area where dogs go. I also wonder what the source of the blood was? I don't like the idea of killing an animal to get blood to make my garden nice.

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