Triple Soap Gift Box

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  • English Lavender Triple Soap Gift Box-CMTSEL
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  • Summer Rose Triple Soap Gift Box-CMTSSR
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  • Lemon & Mandarin Triple Soap Gift Box-CMTSLM
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Give the gift of exquisite fragrance with these English Triple Soap Gift Boxes. Each box contains three 3.5 oz individually wrapped soap bars (of the same scent), perfectly presented in a gift box decorated with quintessentially English garden-inspired illustrations. The scented soap bars are triple-milled and enriched with moisturizing shea butter to nourish all skin types.

Available in 3 scents which will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling fresh.

Made in England by The English Soap Company

Vegan friendly and not tested on animals

How soap works.....

Soap is a very effective hand and body cleanser. However, not only does it cleanse it also sanitizes by destroying bacteria and viruses.
The purpose of washing is to remove the outer layer of oils and fats that harbor germs and rinse them away from the skin. This can only be done if we wash with something that can attach to fat molecules. Water alone cannot do this because it cannot attach itself to a fat molecule as oil and water do not mix.
However, if you take a fat oil and boil it up with an alkali a reaction happens. This is called saponification, which turns the mixture into soap.
What this reaction does is place a water loving tail onto the fatty acid molecule. This is called soap and this molecule can attach to a water molecule and a fat molecule at the same time.
Therefore, when you wash with soap and water the soap molecules grab on to the fat molecules and pulls them off the skin into the rinse water. When your rinse the skin the fat and germs are removed from the skin. Therefore, the main reason why soap cleanses and sanitizes is it literally washes everything off the skin.
Soap works effectively at combating a virus. This is because soap molecules attach to the fatty molecules within a virus and rip it apart.
Upon washing your hands always ensure that you dry them thoroughly so that no rinse water remains on the skin.

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Smells great
Mar 15, 2024 | Sharon Wemhoff
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Soaps smell great in the dish and soft on hands when using.

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