Stainless Steel Watering Can

Item Number: XB820
This watering can is a great size for houseplants, well-balanced, and easy to control.

1 liter capacity
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Great Little Watering Can for Tight Spaces
Apr 11, 2018 | Carol Cassedy
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I really appreciate the high quality of this watering can. The body is seamless so there are no spots where a leak could develop and the spout is configured so that you can reach into very tight areas and water your plants without spilling or wasting a drop. Even if the watering can is nearly empty it still pours without a problem since the opening is on the bottom of the interior. additionally, I like the size, water is heavy and I have large cans for out of doors and wands for even larger containers, but this is perfect for orchids, window sill gardens and smaller plants. Thanks for offering such a lovely watering can, I will be ordering some for my daughters (who are all gardeners and plant fanciers!).

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