1 Lb. Soluble Powder Spray Concentrate Plantskydd Small Critter & Deer/Elk Repellent

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Made in USA

Makes 4 qts of spray-enough to protect about 2000 sq ft of plants. The great thing about Plantskydd is that it lasts a lot longer than other repellents, because it doesn't wash off with rain. It lasts up to 6 months on shrubs during winter dormancy and just needs 24 hours to dry after application. Then you're all set.
Made from dried blood and a tenacious vegetable oil binder that sticks to plants, it is 100% natural and 100% Organic. Listed by OMRI for Organic production, it contains no synthetic additives. It is effective for deer, rabbits. elk ,moose and other herbivores.
"Plantskydd" is Swedish for "Plant Protection". It was developed there almost 20 years ago to protect young trees from hungry deer and elk through 6 months of severe winter and 3-4 months of the summer growing season. As a bonus, Plantskydd works as a foliar fertilizer spray and promotes growth naturally.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you find Plantskydd doesn't work for you, just return the empty pack & your Kinsman receipt for a refund.
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Plantskydd Repellent
May 2, 2017  |  By Anthony Ray Noble
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Ordered this product to try to push so many squirrels from on yard/lawn. Did absolutely nothing to stop and remove squirrels from my plants/yard and trees. Very disappointed in this for squirrels. Cannot say whether it will work on other "small critters" or not.
Owner Response:As we indicated when we replied to your email, there is a 100% money back guarantee on this product. Simply mail the UPC code and your receipt, if you still have it, to us and we will gladly refund the purchase price. Keep in mind that the manufacturer does recommend a granular formula for small critters.

Great Rabbit Deterrent
May 28, 2017  |  By Rebecca Tidwell
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This is the second year that I have this product. It appears that the rabbits do not like it.

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