Large 24" Living Wreath Form with Jute Liner

Item Number: GLWL
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Clip-together design makes it easy and quick to create living wreaths to decorate doors, walls, fences and table tops. Use succulents, ivies, small annuals and herbs to make strikingly unusual floral decorations.

The simple design of these Living Wreath Rings will allow you to plant wreaths for every season. Includes jute liner but additional options are listed below.

Liner Choices:
Liner material needs to be soft enough for you to make a hole and plant-but thick enough to hold the potting mix in place.

Oregon Green Moss-Small wreath uses one Large bag, Medium uses one Large and one Small bag, Large uses two Large bags.

Coco-Fiber Moss-Economical 1 lb bag of Coco-Fiber Moss is enough to line either Small or Medium wreaths. The 1 lb bag can be "stretched" to line a Large wreath.

The replacement jute liner is item LLWL.
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