Large Fleece Covers (Pack of 2)

Item Number: HLFC
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These jackets with drawstrings are made from soft green, high quality plastic fleece and give instant protection against moderate frosts and damaging cold winds. Fleece allows light and moisture to filter through without condensation, maintaining healthy growth.
Very useful for protecting tender hanging baskets and containers when they are first brought out in Spring. Also, for extending the life of attractive planters during early frosts in Fall. It's so easy and quick to slip them on at nightfall, then remove them next morning.

The need for frost protection can vary from plant to plant. The hardiness of the variety, the harshness of weather and even where the plant is situated in the garden all need to be considered. A horticultural expert or local garden center will be able to offer specific advice for your plants. Easy Fleece Jackets can be doubled up to provide further protection during winter. Fleece jackets are designed for ease of use but do not guarantee the survival of your plant.

Ideal for larger containers.

71" tall x 47" across.

Two covers in each pack.

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