Original Black Trug Tubs

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Please note that the handle on all medium size trugs differs from those on the small and large sizes. The new handles are not as smooth and rounded as the other two sizes. Flexible, versatile carriers for the garden with dozens of uses around the home.

Available in 3 sizes:

SMALL-11" high x 14" rim diameter, 25 liters, 6.6 gallons capacity
MEDIUM-13" high x 17" rim diameter, 40 liters, 10.5 gallons capacity
LARGE-12" high x 21" rim diameter, 55 liters, 14.5 gallons capacity

They're black and tough, but light and easy to carry. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, they're as hardwearing as a car tire. Unaffected by freezing cold or boiling water.

Use Trug-Tubs for weeding and pruning-they stand upright reliably. Then grab both handles with one hand for easy carrying. Use them for carrying tools and mixing potting soils. They'll even carry liquids without splashing and you can pour from them easily. Use them for carrying firewood and as party ice buckets. Because they're so flexible, they won't dent or rust and are easy to keep clean. Made in Spain for harvesting fruit in orchards.

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