ALGOplus Orchid Fertilizer

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4N - 6P - 6K

Liquid Fertilizers with Magnesium and Micro-Nutrients!

World Record Breaking Fertilizer

Get outstanding results from your plants with this amazing concentrate. In less than ten years, Algoflash has won 28 Guinness World Records for the production of large plants: the 13 ft. geranium at right (grown in one season), a Dwarf Chrysanthemum with 7,794 blooms, a Philodendron 45 ft. in circumference and so on.

Algoflash was originally created for French vine growers in the Loire Valley. It is now the number one selling liquid fertilizer in France. It differs from other leading fertilizers sold in the United States in that it is a liquid 100% completely soluble in water, a 100% mineral base combined with a range of pure trace elements and magnesium. It is non-toxic, made from all natural mineral ingredients, odorless and environmentally friendly-and very economical to use. One liter of concentrate will make 450 liters of fertilizer for use (about 115 gallons). Algoflash supplies a full range of nutrients, quickly available to boost growth, flowers and fruit.

Algoflash Orchid formula is a concentrated liquid fertilizer containing all of the necessary nutrients and magnesium to stimulate a generous flowering on the Orchids with no additives which can harm tender Orchid plants.

300 ml bottle


Nov 27, 2017 | Erica
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My orchids love this food. They bloom nearly non stop. I wouldn't want to use anything else!

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