Hanging Planter Photo Gallery


These side planting baskets give you an impressive floral display in a fraction of the time it used to take by using specially designed coco liners with pre-cut holes. They allow you to side plant with bigger plants which grow into impressive displays in just a few weeks.

Choose from Basic Basket Planters, which can be used as regular hanging baskets, on Basket Columns in the ground or with our Basket Columns for large and small pots. Or choose the more decorative Imperial Hanging Planters.

Group baskets together for a dramatic display.

Create beautiful flower baskets instantly using these specially designed containers and coco liners with pre-cut holes.

Spectacular basket for partial shade: caladiums, begonias and coleus. Pamela's book Instant Container Gardens shows you how.

Elegant Imperial hanging planter. Pamela's book Instant Container Gardens shows you how.

Imperial Hanging Planter. Pamela's book Instant Container Gardens shows you how.

Honorable Mention Winner 2010
Helen Mrozek and Bonnie Dempsey, Owatonna, MN

Imperial Hanging Planter

Plants include: dragon wing begonias, plectranthus, coleus and wax begonias. Imperial Planter is show on a stand (not included).

2nd Prize Winner 2012
Connie Newman, Spokane, WA

16" Double Basket Planter

"This basket sits on a pedestal on my back deck. Some of the flowers are: dracaena, licorice plant, bacopa, lobelia, calibrachoa, nemesia, osteospermum, marine plant, golden globe and trailing verbena."

3rd Prize Winner 2012
Wade Weaver, North Richland Hills, TX

16" Double Imperial Hanging Planter

"My wife wanted a Chandelier over the table - so I made one with 500 LED lights, then planted the basket."

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