Basket Column Photo Gallery


Basket Columns for Large and Small pots convert pots into stunning 2-level floral displays on your patio, poolside, porch or deck using our Basic Basket Planters.

Basket Column for Large Pots

Basket Column for Small Pots

1st Place Prize Winner 2010
Frank Bartolomeo, Myrtle Beach, SC

"We love these side planters. We purchased them for the first time this year and cannot tell you the number of compliments we have received so far. We look forward to the fall plantings for these baskets."

3rd Place Prize Winner 2010
JoAnn Clark, Langhorne, PA

"I purchased a basket column for a large planter that I placed at the top of my driveway. I found creating this planter challenging, but very enjoyable."

Honorable Mention Winner 2010
Jean Windschitl, Sleepy Eye, MN

"I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this. Now I'm happy to say I'm pleased with the results and look forward to planting more of these next spring. Thank you for helping me create such a beautiful addition to my patio."

Plants include: grass "Toffee Twist," potato vine, coleus, and Surfina and Supertunia petunias.

3rd Place Prize Winner
Rebecca Mickelson, Rochester, MN,

Basket Column for Large Pots

"Basket Column contains coral and purple verbena, lacy sweet potato vines (ipomoea), pale yellow million bells (petunias), and a centerpiece of annual grass. I am inspired by the endless possibilities."

Honorable Mention Winner 2011
Scott Brokaw, Florence, SC

Basket Column for Large Pots

Plants include: Dragon Wing, Begonias, Coleus and below Plumbago, Pentas and Creeping Jenny

Honorable Mention Winner 2011
Kim Brix, Albany, NY

Basket Column for Small Pots

Kim cleverly combined the Basket Column for Small Pots with a whiskey barrel planter.

"I found the proportions and the look very balanced and pleasing. It demonstrates a different effect, making the planter more versatile in creating your own look and feel."

Plants include: Diascia, Nemesia, Verbena, Euphorbia-Diamond Frost, Coleus and Potato Vine

1st Place Prize Winner 2012
Bobbi Irving, Branford, CT

We were impressed with Bobbi's wide selection of plants for this seaside patio. Her plant list included 22 plants, including campion, nemesia, marguerites, verbena, lobelias and begonias.

"The theme of my baskets is: 'Come fly away with me in my teacup garden by the sea.' "

Bobbi Irving from Branford, CT is our 1st Place Prize Winner in our 2012 Pamela Crawford Side Planting Photo Contest. This is another beautiful display.

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