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Twine in a Can

Twine in a Can
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All natural Jute Twine is great for dozens of jobs in the garden. Training roses and vines onto arches and trellises. Tying tall plants to supports. Securing tomato plants and vegetables to stakes.

This handy steel can holds a 328 ft. (100 meters) spool of green jute twine and feeds it smoothly, without tangles, through the center hole in the lid. Plus, there's a cutter on the lid, do you don't need scissors or a knife. Can measures 4 1/2" tall x 3" across. Refill spools available (item# JGT100).

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A really handy product 9/6/2020
We've all had to do it at this time year. Kneel in front of an unruly rudbeckia and try to gather it in our arms while we attempt to tie it together. This product really does make it easier. And best of all, it's biodegradable. Just throw it into the compost bin next spring.
- Ken Davis, IL
Handy item 12/17/2018
Easy to dispense, built in cutting bar, twine doesn't get tangled. Simple.
- Rita, WI
Twine in a Can 5/22/2018
Love this product! the twine never tangles up and is easy to find on a crowded potter's table!!
- Cindy, MD
Handy Item! 4/20/2018
I am an indoor gardener and have several houseplants. I have used the twine on one of my large plants to hold leaves together when repotting. It worked.
- Joyce Deanell, VA
TWINE IN A CAN 12/29/2010
Twine in a can is just as unique and really handy as the New York Times review said it would be. I bought 4 cans and put them in stockings!
- Laura-Jean Adler, NY