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Tick Key

Tick Key
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Detailed Description

Removes ticks easily and safely from people or pets. 99.9% effective for the removal of all sizes and types of ticks. Just put the opening over the tick that is embedded and slowly slide the Tick Key so the tick ends up in the smaller end and gently and firmly pull the tick out.

Made of durable high strength anodized aluminum. Colors vary, our choice.

Endorsed by physicians and veterinarians

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Tick Key Hopes 4/6/2022
Although tick season has not yet begun, I'm excited to have this device in the event of the inevitable tick burrowing into me. Needless to say, I haven't yet used it; so I can't personally evaluate its effectiveness. I have heard from friends, however, that it's great. That's why I purchased one for me, and two for friends. Yours was the ONLY catalogue that I received in which it appeared; so thank you for that. Here's hoping it works...
- Dr. Leslie, PA
Hopefully won't need it! 6/15/2018
This was an add-on item to my order... looks like it will do the job simply and take some of the drama out of it if it's needed.
- Debbie, OK
No Green Thumb! 6/9/2018
The tick remover should work great, but so far have only used it once - on myself!! Pulled the little bugger out great!!
- Jon Larson, MN