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Small Windowsill Tray

Small Windowsill Tray
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Detailed Description

Dark green, rectangular trays are completely waterproof, hold an assortment of your plants or seedlings on your windowsills, where they'll get plenty of light. Made from durable recycled plastic. Also useful for growing herbs indoors in winter.

18 3/4" long x 6"wide x 3/4" high overall

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Great products 12/23/2018
I purchased several of these trays to use for plants inside for the winter. They are so well made; sturdy and not at all flimsy plastic. So glad I ordered. Will provide years of use.
All Good 9/24/2018
Ordering more!
- Mary, CO
One wasn't enough 6/14/2018
I purchased one for my window sill a few seasons ago, and purchased three more this season because they are just perfect.
- Millie Hiibel, NJ
Perfect choice! 4/22/2017
These trays were backordered at first (I ordered two) and I am so happy I waited! They're perfect for my 5 deep window sill x 46 length. One will hold 3 - 4 pots comfortably. (African Violets) The bonus? Made in ENGLAND! Perfect. Thank you, Kinsman!
- Tracy L., CA
Watch out 10/14/2016
Be aware that the measurements of these trays is for the upper edge. Because the sides angle in, the 6 width is only 4 3/4 so larger pots will not fit. And the company will not pay for return shipping. *** We understand your disappointment and are very sorry that the windowsill trays didn't meet your expectations. Please note that while we do list the overall dimensions of the tray, any of the representatives in our Customer Service Department are always more than happy to measure any item on which a customer needs specific information. ***
- Elizabeth Browne, PA
Great for the classroom 6/23/2016
Perfect size for the classroom windowsills!
- Adele, MA
Window trays 6/20/2016
I love my window trays. I got them to go under my terra cotta rectangle pots.
- Pie, GA
Good quality 4/18/2016
Nice sturdy little tray for holding small pots on windowsill. I have some gravel in mine and it works well for small African violet pots.
- JC, CA
When All Else Failed.... 2/19/2015
With three kitties waiting to use attempting to use their skills at my computer keyboad, if suddenly I leave it, due to my 87 year olds' UT rage for relief, I found nothing easy, light, handy, the right size, inexpensive, to cover it until in your catalog I found, ordered, received and use your small windowsill plant tray to cover the keyboard,which was a chance miracle now to have, and use to save my computer work when suddenly I must leave the keyboard with it open, or to use all the time comsuming measures, necessary at my table for a quick trip to where I must rush with the keyboard safely covered from kitty inputs. thank you Kinsman, you are a program text life saver par excellemce!.
- lenore wulff, OH
Works Well 2/17/2015
Glad I bought these, but a little too narrow for one of my plants, even though I measured and thought I was in the clear.
- Jennifer, CA
perfect size 12/14/2014
small tray is perfect size for keeping small pots together in one spot, only need to pick up the tray and not each individual pot when ever they need to me moved
- Jo Ann, DE
I was completely suprised by the high quality of these trys. Heavy weight plastic, not flimsy. Much better quality than anything I can find locally. Quality + price = excellent bang for your buck!
- JohnB, TX