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Rain-Mat for Hanging Baskets*SOLD OUT FOR SPRING /SUMMER 2023*

Rain-Mat for Hanging Baskets*SOLD OUT FOR SPRING /SUMMER 2023*
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 Buy 4  for $10.75 each
Expected on : 11/15/2023

Detailed Description

Each pack contains 4 mats that are 7" square

Water Absorbing Granules and Mats for Planters
Granules, Prepacked Mats and Rolls from England

They hold moisture in the soil of hanging baskets and containers, so plants do not dry out as quickly, improving displays and growth even in dry conditions.
Adds Potassium - Not Sodium

Another advantage of Rain-Gel and Rain-Mats is that they slowly release small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which can adversely affect some plants.

Place these mats down in the growing medium at root level as you plant each basket, hayrack or planter. These mats soak up water as rapidly as Rain-Gel (granules) but provide a stable reservoir which the roots will actually grow into. Prepackaged Rain-Mats are designed to take the guesswork out of how much material to use. They fit nicely into standard size hanging baskets. They can reduce the need for watering as often.

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water catchers 3/29/2022
There are 2 very good things about these mats: 1) they catch the water so it doesn't run out and 2) they keep the soil moist
- linda gregory, TN
Rain Mats 4/10/2021
I use these mats for their water retention in my 30 hayrack planter. The vines I plant in that planter use quite a bit of water after growing for an entire season, and I always have lush, long, and full vines all season.
- Marjorie K., ME
Great product 6/12/2020
I won't plant my window boxes or pots until I have these to put into them...they save me a lot of time, effort and water.
- Linda A, NY
7 5/15/2020
I've been using rain matting for many years and usually had to buy it by the expensive roll. Then I had to cut them to fit the particular planter. I have found that the pre-cut squares are much handlier and the rain mats are a must for planters, in particular hanging baskets. They absorb water that would normally just pour through the planter.
- Michael M., PA
Useful product 4/30/2019
I've used rain mats for a few years. They work well as they help retain the moisture. I water less and my container plants do better. I have purchased both the pre-cut mats and the roll to cut my own.
- Brenda Schram, NY
hanging basket mat 6/14/2018
these made a tremendous difference in my front porch baskets only water once a week
- cathy mccolgan, NJ
Won't Plant Without The Rain Mats 5/22/2018
I not only use in the hanging baskets put also in my clay pots which have a tendency to dry out quickly in heat. This product helps to maintain the moisture in the soil/roots preventing the water from running thru. A product I just won't plant without!
- PL Stromgren, MN
Watering mat 5/2/2018
This product works great, it keeps my hanging pots watered longer so I don't have to worry about them drying out for several days.
- Deborah Cox, NE
Sue M 4/28/2018
Always a pleasure doing business Quality goods often found no where else
- Susan Mitchell, NY
rain mats 4/20/2018
The rain mats really cut down on the frequency of watering.
- Anna Marie, TN
Pretty flowers 4/10/2018
I have not tried mine yet but my friend used them last year and she had beautiful flowers even in the Kansas heat;)
- Alma, KS
Rain Mats 5/24/2017
I purchased the Rain Mats for use in my hanging baskets last year. What a difference they made both in the health of the plants and the frequency in watering. I will never plant another hanging basket without using them.
- Susan Mereau, NY
Rain Mats 4/5/2017
have not used yet
- Don McArthur, NY
Rain mats are great for dry periods. 5/13/2016
I have been ordering these rain mats for a few years now, and am always pleased with how they hold the water.
- Julie A, MI
Rain mats 6/16/2015
This product is ideal to retain the earth in small decorative flower/plant containers!
- Muriel, VA
Uncertain 6/5/2015
I added the mats to the moss liners which I also purchased from Kinsman. After I put the moss liner in the basket, I added an aluminum cake pan (pierced with scissors) to the liner and then the mat. I added gardening soil and planted the basket. Then I soaked the basket in a large bucket. The liner expanded into ?plastic granules? - this makes sense if the granules hold moisture (I assume so). We have received adequate moisture so I will wait to see how often I need to water when rain stops.
- Sandra, IA
good product. used before. pricey. excessives&h charges.
Maryland Gardener 5/19/2014
I have purchased these mats for about 4 years and they have definitely helped my pots and baskets to retain much needed water.
- gail, MD
They worked well last year 4/4/2014
The rain mats for in my containers helped keep my container plants moist so I purchased them again this year!
- Pam, MD
Help to hold moisture 10/16/2013
The rain mat definitely helps hold the moisture in hanging coco fiber and moss baskets which are known for drying out too fast
- Louisa, FL
I love the rain-mats. The plants have remained fresh looking for three weeks now. I also put strips of them down in the dirt in established hanging plants to hold more water. They are a miracle!
- Jean henderson, AL
I bought this since last year my baskets needed watering constantly. I hope it works. For the money it's worth a try.
- Carol Fisler, GA
The rain mats worked so well that I had to make sure I didn't OVER water! Never had that problem before. I'm planning on using them again this year.
- Kathy Carr, CA
The pot I used one it did much better than the pots I did not!
- joannie, FL