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Nesting Material Box

Nesting Material Box
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Detailed Description

Made in USA

Provide nesting material for wild birds with this recycled paper "box" and alpaca fleece. Flat pack design is simple enough for kids to assemble. Then watch your backyard birds gather the fleece to line their nests in spring.

5" tall x 3 1/2" across when assembled.

Includes hanging cord.

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First Time User 3/16/2022
10 Stars
- Boots Leavitt, NC
Nesting material 5/10/2020
You should give that to people very cheap
- Marilyn keller, OH
Nesting material box 3/17/2020
I read the other reviews and was a bit apprehensive about the purchase but bought it anyway. The company should use stronger paper because it kept falling apart while I was trying to put it together and there certainly is not enough fur to fill the box. Disappointed.
- T. Jedlicka, KS
cute idea 5/8/2019
I purchased the nesting material box to help attract birds. The box itself is cardboard with string attached. You are not given instructions on how to gather the edges so you rely on the picture. The nesting material is very soft as I have never felt Alpaca wool before. I put out in March. We have had lots of rain, wind and the cardboard gets soaked and wool wet. The cardboard has stayed intact and wool dries. I haven't seen any birds removing the wool, but it is less every week. I occasionally go out and pull the strands through the holes to help the birds remove. I still have plenty of wool(5-6 weeks of use).
Disappointing 3/31/2018
This nesting material box is flimsy and a bit tricky to put together. Only a little nesting material is included, so I rounded it out with cat fur and dryer lint. I would not buy this again.
- Critter Saver, CA
outstanding 2/14/2018
just as pictured. ill be putting them out in a month. Spring!!
- carol hays, KY
Angel 3/29/2016
The birds love it! Easy to put together (kids can do it)-and just watch the birds go get it!
- Angel, CT
Nesting Material 2/18/2016
I have used this nesting material for many years. The birds love it! They use every bit of the material. It's comforting to think of small baby birds keeping warm in their fur lined nests.
- Diana Perea, WA
Nesting boxes for birds. 11/30/2013
Love these. Easy to put together and fill. Took a few days for the birds to find and use. Will need to be refilled soon.
- Amy, GA