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Nector Protector

Nector Protector
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NEW! Large clear plastic cup holds water to keep ants off your hanging hummingbird feeder. Includes eye hook hanger at the top and one "S" hook for your feeder. Large capacity means you do not need to refill as often.

3 5/8" diameter x 4" high overall

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So clever 8/30/2021
I bought this little gadget as a little treat to myself, as I hated to deal with the ants that somehow found their way into my hummingbird feeder between cleanings. It works just as I hoped and it's so simple. It completely removed the EEWWWW factor from this job. I wish I'd thought of it first!
- Jane W, IA
Could not use hummingbird feeders last year because of ants. So these might be the answer
- Donna, MT
Pretty Moats 3/19/2021
Great to have clear plastic moats that are pretty and light weight. I added red veggie die to attract the hummingbirds rather than color their nectar. Works well!
- alice plummer, CA
Great Ant Moat! 2/25/2021
The ant moats from Kinsman Garden are the best! They are the perfect size (all others I have seen and/or tried are too shallow). The ants cannot get to my feeders. Finches drink from them. The moats are deep enough that water does not evaporate rapidly. Love them!!!
- Linda Rothfuss, VA
Great Ant Moat! 2/4/2021
This moat is the best that I have found. Most of the moats are too shallow and have to be filled constantly. Also, I keep fresh water in it because the finches line up to drink from it!
- Linda Rothfuss, VA
Works Great! 6/15/2020
This moat works very well - no ants in the nectar since I began using it!
- Sharon Battis, MN
Nifty little piece 6/4/2020
During migration season, I put out 4-6 Oriole feeders. The remaining time it is Hummingbird feeders. I have used the orange moats for the Orioles-, and the (very small) red moats for the Hummingbird feeders. What I like about these is...they are clear. I can see when they need to be re-filled! And it's kind of interesting that some of the birds use them as drinking sources and 'baths' :)
- RJ, KS
No Ants! 5/25/2020
An ingenious little contraption that really works to prevent ants from getting into the nectar.
- Susan, AL
moat 4/22/2020
So far the hummingbird feeder ant moat is working perfectly. Thanks
- Mara, GA
No more ants! 5/11/2019
This product is brilliant!
- Renee Labrenz, NC
Nice product, SLOW shipping 4/20/2019
This is a cool item. I get to stop killing ants in the process of attracting hummingbirds! On the down side, their shipping is slow slow slow (and no, I don't expect amazon-style shipping from other merchants). 10 days from order to arrival? I didn't even know if was possible to ship so slow.
ant moat 11/4/2018
It was a little clumsy to set up, but it works the best of any I have used. Because it is big, you don't have to fill it with water very often. Because they are clear, you can tell when to take them down and clean them out. I bought more!
- Judy Haroldson, MN
Works for what it was designed for. 7/19/2018
We use these moats for all our hummingbird feeders. Like one reviewer mentioned, the little birds like to drink out of it.
- Katherine Kolarik, AZ
cynthia 5/22/2018
I just love this moat! No more ants in the nectar, and no need to refill the moat every day.
- cynthia merchant, NH
Very Pleased 9/14/2017
These ant moats are terrific. Have mine for a couple of years now and not one single ant has gotten past the moat. They don't even try anymore.
- Melanie Benko, VT
No more Ants! 6/22/2017
Love it, love it....no more ants in my hummingbird feeders. Great idea!
- Lieneke Engelina, OH
Great purchase 10/7/2016
Works well keeping the pesky ants away from the feeder. Just remember to keep it clean and filled!
- Jenny Tudor, MO
Grapevine 8/17/2016
Best moat there is
- Virginia Agnew, CA
It Works 8/3/2016
Needed something to keep pesty ants out of hummingbird feeder Ant moat works like a charm hold enough water
- Edwin, CT
Love this product. 5/24/2016
This product cures the ant problem.
- Michele, VA
for the hummers 5/1/2016
This ant moat is great! I've purchased others that were not deep enough. This is my 2nd. Sometimes birds use it for a drink.
- Sherry, PA
excellent 6/13/2015
Without a doubt these have to be the best moats for my hummingbird feeders. Have had for a couple of weeks and not a single ant. Love them.
- Melanie, VT
Humming bird motes 5/10/2015
I am so glad I found these in your catalogue. I like to feed the hummers and the ants were driving me crazy. These things really work!
- Deb Wellborn, AL
Ant Moat 3/15/2015
100% effective, which makes it much easier to clean and change out the nectar. Of course it makes it more challenging for the hummers to find insect protein.
- Joe, FL
Jim 8/19/2014
The hummingbird ant traps are great. They hold a lot of water and since they are clear it is easy to see when they are dirty or empty. The small birds love to drink from them. We also bought a Nuttery nut feeder and it is a big birdland attraction.
- James Graves, NC
Best product ever! 8/18/2014
This product totally works to eliminate ant problems with hummingbird feeders. Great price too!
- Sue, KY
Bird lover 7/27/2014
the ant moat works very well, howeve ther was a crack at the bottom where the hanger goes and it leaked. I got a replacement and it too leaked. So much for plastic. Great idea though. The one works just fine and the hummers are happy. Need a better way to protect from cracking at the hook end.
- Jane Craig, OH
Cathy 6/4/2014
I bought these moats as a gift, but liked the generous size and the unobtrusiveness of the material. My friend was thrilled to get them, since she was plagued with ants in her hummingbird feeders.
- Catherine, AL
Finally! 5/1/2014
These moats have solved our ant problems and they are easy to use. I wasted so much time and energy trying to outsmart the ants (unsuccessfully) before I bought these moats. They are perfect!
- JBellairs, TX
Good product 4/30/2014
This really works! I see one or two dead ants and that's it. Now I can put my feeders anywhere.
- Bill Gleason, KS
Ant moat 4/11/2014
i'm so glad I found this moat. Simple, others are difficult. Thank you
- Virginia Agnew, CA
Birds Love Ant Moats 10/24/2013
These crystal-clear ant moats replace moats we've had for years. Not only do they keep ants away, but small birds love to perch on them to drink.
- Cynthia Chase, MD
Ants Galore 10/3/2013
I just about dispared hanging my humingbird feeders as ants just covered them. Hopefully this will solve the problem and I can see my beautiful hummers
- Sandra Burton, NY