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Magical Mushrooms w/ Stems - Special Set of 3

Magical Mushrooms w/ Stems - Special Set of 3
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One Large, One Medium and One Small (total 3 pieces).
Our choice of colors-Brown, Blue and Green.

NEW! Enchanting fairy-like forms add charm to shady spots under trees and in ground covers.

Colorful glazed porcelain caps are separate from stems, so they can sway in the breeze. Add a hint of magic to natural settings of woodland plants, shrubbery, rock gardens and water features. Plant them in container pots too! Handmade and hand-decorated.

Small - 11-1/2" stem, cap 3-1/4" high x 3" across

Medium - 13-3/4" stem, cap 4" high x 3-1/2" across

Large - 16" stem, cap 5-1/4" high x 4-1/2" across

A delightful mix of three different colors and sizes.

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from those shown. Measurements are approximate.

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Magic Mushrooms 9/22/2020
These mushrooms are magical. They add so much to the garden. I now have nine of them and each one is my favorite. The colors are fantastic and the glaze is bright and shiny. I started adding them to pots on my deck in the Spring to fill out the pot before the flowers took over. During the Summer they filled in spots where plants died or just didn't fill out as much as expected. Now that a bit of frost has hit, there are several empty pots but rather than take them in, I planted mushrooms in them and they look bright and cheerful. I did not pick my colors but each one was exactly what I would have picked.. You cannot go wrong buying these. They are truly magical.
- Eleanor Krol, RI
Magical mushrooms 12/29/2019
I have multiple sets of these and they enhance my gardens in many unexpected spots. These were a gift for a friend at Christmas and were a delightful addition to her garden.
- Christine Astle, PA
Really cool mushrooms! 4/30/2019
A absolutely love these mushrooms. The colors are amazing and love how they sway in the breeze. What a nice addition to my garden!
- Susan E, GA
Just Darling 4/11/2018
These mushrooms are so cute. I placed them by our front steps in ivy and they are just perfect.
- Caryl Ponti, SC
Love my 'shrooms 6/11/2017
Put two of them in pots on my balcony. One is growing in the ivy in my kitchen. The glazes are wonderful and they're fun to see coming out of the vegetation.
- Pam Schmidt, CA
first time customer 6/9/2015
The order came through well protected from breakage and in perfect condition. The quality of the order was very good.
- Pat, NY
Magical mushrooms 4/7/2015
Gorgeous! Very secure packaging. A great addition to my whimsical garden
- Brenda smith, NY
Just as described 8/11/2014
I was so pleased with the first set of the magical mushrooms (5) that I ordered more (3). They brighten up a quiet, woody corner of my garden and make me smile! The fairies can't be far away..... Your service is excellent.
- Tessa Goldsmith, NJ
Magic mushrooms 5/28/2014
Wonderful product. Placing mushrooms in my flower beds generates a magic feeling around the flowers. Very happy with them.
- Zella Orendorff, MO