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Korean Hand Plow

Korean Hand Plow
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Evolved over centuries by farmers, this hand-forged tool is a joy to use for a multitude of jobs. You can dig holes, make planting trenches, weed and cultivate. Swan neck, angled blade and comfortable wood handle form a natural extension to your arm and wrist. Heat treated blade is light in weight, but strong and beautifully balanced.

Blade 7" x 3", Handle length 5", 12" overall

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Korean hand spade 6/27/2021
Best garden tool I have ever owned. Great for mulching and everything else. Which I had known about this years ago year. It would have saved me a lot of headache. I am buying another one and some for gifts for my children who are gardeners as well.
- Marianne Black, UT
Lifesaver tool for gardener! 5/12/2021
I ordered Korean hand plow yet on 3/11/21, but got to use it only recently. I'm very pleased with the quality of tool and how easy it is to get job done. With other tools, be it sniper shovel, weed digger, etc. it would take me a half of day to do what I did in one hour. Great high quality tool & wonderful company to buy from! Highly recommend!
- Julia Mader, MN
Best Garden Hand Tool 4/9/2021
This is my second hand plough. The first one lasted over 15 years until the wooden handle came loose. I am looking forward to another 15 years with the replacement. It lifts weeds easily and helps with seeding and planting. It's my number one go-to hand tool when gardening by far.
- S. H., VA
Korean hand plow 7/2/2020
Well made, the genuine article. An indispensable tool, as any gardener who has used one will attest!
- Amanda Kennedy, NY
Korean hand plow 7/2/2020
Well made, the genuine article. An indispensable tool, as any gardener who has used one will attest!
- Amanda Kennedy, NY
Love this tool 6/28/2020
This is my Favorite and most useful tool For removing weeds and digging holes for planting . I had lost mine and was very happy to find a replacement. Good quality, quick delivery. Thank you!I painted part of the handle red to make it easier to see in my garden.
- Elizabeth Peters, MA
My favorite gardening tool--the real thing, too. 5/25/2020
When my decades' old Korean hand plow went missing from my garden last year, I reordered from the original catalog from which I had bought it. What I received was not the same tool. The blade was straight and didn't appear to be hand-forged. I was relieved to find this company's on-line catalog and so happy to find my go-to for almost anything tool. My neighbor got one too after coveting mine for years. Its unique design lets you quickly weed, dig up tenacious roots, dig narrow trenches for easy seeding. No wonder Koreans have been using this for millenia. This one I'll watch like a hawk that no one grabs it!
- Stephanie Hysmith, WV
Korean hand hoe 5/17/2020
I love this tool! Whatever type of gardening you do, whatever you plant you will find this hand hoe very useful. It does so many tasks, digging, weeding, row making and whatever you could want. Of all my tools, by far I use this the most. You won't regret buying one or two!
- Philip, MD
Great garden tool 4/25/2020
I like this tool. I like the design, the feel of it in my hand and it gets the job done. The only negative about it is that I cut my thumb taking it out of the shipping box. The newsprint-type packing paper concealed the three items I purchased. The Korean Hand Plow is not super sharp in general, but there are sharp areas on it, so be careful.
- Matthew Psomadakis, NC
Best Tool Ever 2/4/2020
I bought one of these about twenty-five years ago and although the handle finally came off from me leaving it outside too much, the blade is still fine. I just bought a new one because it is my go-to tool for everything--hoeing, trenching, hacking, shoveling, scraping. So glad to have another one.
- Susan Decker, TX
Useful Korean Hand Plow 3/21/2019
I was intrigued by the shape and varied sides of the Korean Hand Plow when I saw it in the catalogue. But when I received it and actually used it in the garden, I just loved it! The pointed tip allows you to dig easily and make small trenches. The two differently curved sides make it easy to cover seeds then tamp the soil down. Great for my tender fingers and hands. Can't wait to find other uses for this versatile, well-made tool.
Wonderful Tool 6/4/2018
I just received this and have already used it multiple times. It is easy to use and handle. I love it and am very happy with my purchase. Next year I will purchase the Long handled model which was sold out for this season.
- Barbara, MA
Best garden tool I have ever owned 1/14/2018
I have purchased this for many friends. It is SUPER. I LOVE IT!
- Thea Nelson, FL
All-time Favorite 10/25/2017
The Korean hand plow has been my favorite tool for 25 years. I have bought several, even given them as gifts. I took one to Master Gardener class for Tool Show 'n' Tell, and even wrote a gardening column about it for our local newspaper. It does everything!
- Susan Camp, VA
awesome 8/26/2017
It's awesome I should have had it years ago
- Norma J, CA
Great tool 7/13/2017
I got this for my husband because he kept taking mine. He loves it!
- Susan, CT
Korean hand plow 5/16/2017
Two were ordered this time. I have one already, 6 years; but I wanted them for gifts. Recipients loved them. Had never seen or heard of them before. It is a MUST HAVE garden tool.
- BarbaraJ. Beachler, IL
user 5/12/2017
the plows, the hand and the long handle/ make weeding and preparing for planting are very effective.
- Paul Scannell, MA
Korean hand tool 4/26/2017
The best to any Gardner could ever need I have now given three of them to friends who rave about them
- Kaye Martell, SC
Love this tool!! 1/2/2017
I bought this tool to give to my brother for his birthday. I have on and it is by far my favorite tool for the garden. It is very sturdy and does any digging you can throw it's way and is great for planting also.Can you tell I love it!!
- Marilyn Peltzman, PA
Korean hand plow 7/7/2016
I am very happy with the fine quality of the tool I purchased and the service was top drawer. Thank you!
- Deb, WA
Korean Hand Plow 7/4/2016
This is the best digging tool ever. This is the second one I've owned since I lost my other one in the yard somewhere. Couldn't be without it! It's really great if you have hard, compacted soil. It's also great if you have any issues with your hands like arthritis or tennis elbow.
- Anne, PA
A MUST Have! 6/3/2016
I ordered two more, just in case I lose one, or have a friend over to weed with me. This truly is a MUST HAVE!!
- Cheryl, MI
Vietnamese Hand Plow 5/29/2016
I bought this for my mother-in-law, an avid gardener. She loves it and uses it to dig out rocks and weeds in her yard. Unique design and great gift.
- Jackie Hales, TX
Korean Hand Plow 5/27/2016
A very handy useful tool.
- Erika Zeigler, CA
Great 4/7/2016
This tool is the best one ever made for gardening. I absolutely love it. Buy it and you will be happy
- Gail, IL
Korean Hand Tool 4/3/2016
I bought one of these a few years ago and loved it. My husband discovered it and loved it. It then became his. After his death in March one of our grand-daughters wanted a gardening tool that h e had used and chose this. I had to buy another for me. No one is going to get this away from me this time. I love it so much that I also ordered the same tool with a long handle, Haven't used it yet since it's snowing April 3!
- Gloria Beck, NH
Best Tool Ever 3/16/2016
The Korean Hand Plow is my all time favorite gardening tool. And now I'm introducing it to the volunteers at Loaves & Fishes community garden. We'll be using it to grow fresh organic veggies for our hungry neighbors given out at our client choice food & resource center. They are getting rave reviews.
- Gail Wynne, OK
HO MI HAND PLOW 7/5/2015
Love these little hand plows. They are light-weight, sturdy and very useful in the garden. Your Ho Mi plow was priced less then most I found on the internet. I drilled a hole in the handle and attached a strap which I wrap around my wrist when working in the garden or use to hang up the tool when I am not using it. This is a handy tool more gardeners should have in their tool kit.
Best Ever 6/19/2015
I've purchased a number of Korean hand plows over the years - short handled, long handled, some for gifts, some for me, etc. This is still the best hand tool ever. I use it for almost everything. I bought the latest one so we could have 2 short handled & 1 long handled. My only suggestion is to make a left handed version. I took this to my daughter's house intending to give this to her and hoping she could use it (and buying another one for me). She is left handed and this just doesn't work for her. I think at least 25% (maybe more!) of the population is left handed so I would think there would be a market for the left handed version.
- Pat, NY
Korean hand tool 4/21/2015
Disappointed in the length of the shank. Thought it would be shorter. Handle not sturdy either.
- Jimmy Clark, NC
Awesome 5/29/2014
I heard about this from a friend, bought it, and love it. It's very versatile and makes weeding so much easier. Also cleans up well.
- Mary Gerush, TX
Korean Hand Plow 4/16/2014
Just replaced an old one and purchased one for a gift...they are a great tool!
- Patricia J., NY
Favorite garden tool! 2/24/2014
This tool is indispensable! This is my second one, as I had to give my first to my mother because she loved it too! Handy for planting, scratching weeds from between rocks, digging up shallow rooted plants and then turn around and use the same tool to plant them with. Very highly recommend this tool to gardeners! You will love it!
- Cindy, GA
Korean hand tool 2/17/2014
I've used these for decades now...given away several...think that they are the most useful tool in the garden.
- Carol, RI
Indispensable Tool 4/26/2013
The Korean Hand Plow is the best tool I have ever used for planting, weeding, and digging around plants. We have an extensive daylily garden and the plow works great for separating the plants. I have used this tool for almost 20 years and rarely use anything else when gardening.
- Aurora Rose, VA
Unique Tool 10/16/2012
I have used this tool approx. 3 years now and don't know what I would do w/o it now. I have found it to be most useful removing rocks. I live in the mountains and can't dig anywhere w/o hitting rocks. I wedge the plow underneath, give it some muscle and the rock (in most cases) pops right out. Sure beats swinging the heavy pick. I keep thinking I'm going to break the plow off, but it is very strong.
- Natural El, PA
Wonderful! 5/29/2012
This is a wonderful tool! It really digs & makes weeding so much easier. I am going to order the long handled version of it, also. Give it a try...you'll love it!
- Kathy, MI
Korean Garden Plow 5/12/2012
replaces all of the weeding tools I have ever bought, and they have been many! It's the ONLY tool I use for weeding.
- Leah, RI
The single best gardening tool I have ever used. Wish I had bought one 20 years ago! For turning over soil, trenching, weeding, transplanting, etc, it can't be beat. Takes the place of two or three tools and is easier on the muscles.
- Mike Stevens, VA
This is the BEST garden tool. If I had to give up all my tools but one, this would be the one to keep. I got my Korean Hand Plow over 10 years ago and got this one as a Christmas present for my daughter to use in her brand new garden.
- Lawre, VA