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Kew Long Tom Pots

Kew Long Tom Pots
Item Number: KP1607
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KP1607BBS - Small Blackberry $29.95
KP1607BBM - Medium Blackberry $45.95
KP1607BBL - Large Blackberry $62.95
KP1607BRS - Small Berry Red $29.95
KP1607BRM - Medium Berry Red $45.95
KP1607BRL - Large Berry Red $62.95
KP1607CGS - Small Chartwell Green $29.95
KP1607CGM - Medium Chartwell Green $45.95
KP1607CGL - Large Chartwell Green $62.95
KP1607DAS - Small Dark Aubergine $29.95
KP1607DAM - Medium Dark Aubergine $45.95
KP1607DAL - Large Dark Aubergine $62.95
KP1607DGS - Small Dark Green $29.95
KP1607DGM - Medium Dark Green $45.95
KP1607DGL - Large Dark Green $62.95
KP1607IVS - Small Ivory (crackle finish) $29.95
KP1607IVM - Medium Ivory (crackle finish) $45.95
KP1607IVL - Large Ivory (crackle finish) $62.95
KP1607PBS - Small Pewter Blue $29.95
KP1607PBM - Medium Pewter Blue $45.95
KP1607PBL - Large Pewter Blue $62.95
KP1607SGS - Small Storm Gray $29.95
KP1607SGM - Medium Storm Gray $45.95
KP1607SGL - Large Storm Gray $62.95

Detailed Description

This finely detailed, hand-crafted pottery is designed in association with the world famous Kew Gardens in London, England, and each pot bears the official seal of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The Kew pots are currently available in three sizes and eight colors.

The Kew Small Long Tom Pot is approximately 5 1/2" diameter x 6" tall. With drainage hole. Bottom diameter is approximately 4"

The Kew Medium Long Tom Pot is approximately 7" diameter x 8" tall. With drainage hole. Bottom diameter is approximately 5"

The Kew Large Long Tom Pot is approximately 8 1/5" diameter x 10" tall. With drainage holes. Bottom diameter is approximately 5 3/4"

Please note that sizes are approximate and colors may vary from shown.

With each purchase of these beautiful pots, funds are contributed to the gardens and its important, on-going work. The Crackle finish of the Kew Pot glazes is identical to what is sold in England, including the shop at Kew Botanic Gardens itself.

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Gorgeous 3/7/2023
Such a lovely pot. Heavy, thick walls, nice crackly ivory glaze. Shipped in a bomb-proof box! Now I want one of every color and size.
- Babette, VA
Kew Long Tom pot 2/23/2022
I purchased the Dark Aubergine Kew Pot. I love the color and vintage look of this flowerpot. I am very happy with the quality and very anxious for Spring to arrive and place a beautiful flower in it. Thank you !
- Deanna Baker, MO
Kew Pots 2/11/2022
I can't get enough of these pots. They are extremely well made and sturdy. I have accidentally dropped one and it did not break. Kinsman has the best prices on these Kew pots. Very very happy!
- Sonji Mackey, WA
Kew Pots 1/27/2022
Love love the Kew pots. They are thick and well made. I have them in every color.
- Sonji Mackey, WA
Beautiful hefty pot 2/8/2021
Beautiful hefty elegant pot! The Kew Garden emblem makes it very special! I placed a small Monstera Deliciosa plant in it & looks at home there! I'm ready to order another one in dark green & cream! Suggestion- If it came with a rubber stopper for drainage hole if one might want to use it as a decorative pot to cover the grow pot, it would be so awesome!
- Liz, CA
A stately accent piece 12/31/2020
Our handsomely rendered Kew Gardens pot shipped quickly and provides an attractive and stately accent to our garden space.
- Lawrence, LA
MS. 12/9/2020
Really love my small red long tom pot. Put a white poinsettia in it and have it on my kitchen table. So beautifully made and perfect proportions. Also like my blue medium pot...color is lovely. Looking forward to getting the ivory in medium for fireplace mantle. So glad to find a source and hope you will get some more Kew pots.
- Paula Manchester, NY
Beautiful pots 11/10/2020
Love these pots! The green is very pretty but wish we could also get the Ivory ones as well.
- Constance, VA
Beautiful 11/6/2020
I have purchased two of these Kew Pots over this last year for my girlfriend who loves anything English. They are very well made, and a bit of the Old Country.Hopefully, I'll start my own Kew Pot collection next year. Thank you for having these for sale.
- Barbara Brown, WA
Always a Favorite 5/26/2020
I was introduced to Long Tom pots some years ago, but that vendor went out of business, and so no more were to be had. Then I learned, happily, that Kinsman not only stocks them, but has them in a number of luscious colors. I've now begung stocking up on them in various sizes and colors. Their value is not only in their appearance, but i in their shape, which allows the plant room to grow downward in a natural manner. My plants always seem happy in their Long Tom pots, which not only look beautiful, but are shaped to allow expansion of roots from top to bottom as well as a good fit from side to side on the plant benches.l
- Barbara Holdridge, MD
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 5/25/2020
I am thrilled with my two Kew Garden pots! So beautiful!
- Timna, DC
Great! 5/19/2020
I have several of these pots and decided to buy them for my Mom for Mother's Day. I sent the white pots which look fantastic on the deck. She planted geraniums in them because they are colorful and low maintenance. I highly recommend these. I also have super small round one for my desk and a large oval in my kitchen to catch all the mail and stuff. Not just for plants.
- LM, VA
Beautiful Pot! 4/5/2020
I have ordered 2 Kew pots before, different sizes & colors. All including new one are great.
- Joyce Deanell, MD
Long Tom Kew Pot 3/6/2020
Just love this pot. Purchased it for a friend's Birthday and am now quite envious! Might have to purchase one for me. I'm very impressed with Kinsman and Company.
- Barbara Brown, WA
So disappointed 8/3/2019
Kinsman did a wonderful job packing & getting the pot to me. The pot, however, is an utter disappointment. The kindergarten granddaughter could have done a better painting job. The tag says to expect individual variation, but it looks awful.
- Kathleen Phillips, AR
Love this pot! 7/22/2019
Well made. Great for indoor decor or outdoor. Waiting on the larger size to be restocked in the colour I like.
- Shelly Ware, VA
Kew Pots 12/18/2018
The pots are beautiful.. I purchased one in England last year but bringing the large one was prohibitive due to flying. So hurray, I got more Kew pots right here in the U.S !. Thanks!
- Jane L, PA
Just beautiful 5/28/2018
I bought 2 of the large ones to mount to pergola posts in iron holders. Couldn't be happier. First ones arrived damaged, but customer service quickly sent out new ones. Combination of beautiful product and great customer service will keep me coming back for more.
- Debra, CO
Beautiful Pot! 5/22/2018
First the green is very pretty. I have the small, now the medium & will buy large.
- Joyce Deanell, VA
Kew Pots 5/1/2018
These pots are really nice, heavy weighted and larger than I expected. Love them
- Mary English, IA
Like the style of KEW pot! 4/16/2018
Love shape and make of pot
- Joyce Deanell, VA
Lew Gardens pots 4/12/2018
They are beautiful in appearance & solid in weight. I look forward to planting in them.
- Eileen, NJ
Love this Pot! 3/23/2018
I have the Kew Garden pots in all sizes and use them for cooking utensils, pencil/pen holder, succulents and orchids. I was so upset when I broke my small one and so happy to find it at Kinsman Company. Great quality and in a variety of lovely colors!
- Lesley, CA
Set of 3 3/4/2018
I purchased all three sizes of the Kew pots in the white color. It makes an attractive grouping of my orchids in my dining room window.
- Leslie Hamilton, TX
long tom pot 11/28/2017
I bought the pot in white and it is gorgeous. It's heavy and well made and my orchid looks great in it. Since there's a hole in the bottom, it would be better if saucers were available to purchase.
- willa, NY
Meme 11/5/2017
I love these and buy them every Christmas to give friends along with an amaryllis.
- Catherine Devaney, MO
Mrs 1/3/2017
Good quality, shipped quickly and arrived in time for Christmas.
- Barbara Chapman, CA
Kew Pottery 7/7/2016
Classic and well made pottery
- Renee, IN
Product Is Made in Philipines 6/13/2016
These are not the genuine KEW Pots as advertised on the site. They are a good looking reproduction.***Please note that these pots are 100% genuine. Contact Customer Service for complete information.***
- Sean, CO
Lovely! 5/17/2016
A beautiful, well-made pot.
- Yoyomommy, NY
Beautiful pot 4/9/2016
Purchased the Dark Aubergiine for my niece. She's a gardener and I know she will enjoy it very much. Nice color saturation and size. Classy and elegant in any garden! I need to purchase one for myself!
- Diana Stuart, MA
Kew Pots 3/12/2016
Beautiful! And the color is fabulous!
- jamie, TX
Beautiful English Pots! 2/24/2016
Kinsman Garden wrapped these pots so well and arrived unscathed! Worth the price because these are beautiful in Any Setting. I have all three displayed in my sun room.
- Karen, IL
Love it 2/10/2016
I am going to treat myself to another one some day soon. I love these pots! Mine is the small blackberry and it's so pretty in my three tier herb garden on the deck. Just trying to decide which color to add to my next order...
- Kathie Brosemer, MI
Just Perfect 1/27/2016
My flowerpot is as nice as described. Rather than use as a flowerpot, I use in my kitchen for cooking utensils. Just perfect!
- Caryl Ponti, SC
Beautiful 2/24/2015
Love my medium Long Tom Kew. I'm still waiting for my small tom. My packing slip said it would be sent in March, but I just saw online that it shows April. Not happy about that. If I'm reviewing the pots only...excellent. If I'm reviewing customer service. I give a 3...which might change depending on when I receive my order.*** Kimberly, unfortunately our supplier's order has been delayed by the factory which is something we can't control. They are not happy about this delay, nor are we, but we're all being as patient as possible. Just so you know, the backorder dates we list are all just estimates based on the information available to us at the time. ***
- kimberly kuehneman, TN
Kew long pot 2/5/2015
Beautiful pots in the Aubergine & Blackberry colors. The look is handmade and the royal embossed stamp is on both sides which I did not expect and was very happy about. Excellent protective packaging!
- Chewy V, CA