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Garden Tool Sharpener

Garden Tool Sharpener
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Detailed Description

Tool Sharpeners
For Pruners, Shears & Scissors

Sharpen your favorite pruners and garden shears-scissors, too-at home, whenever they need it! Easy and convenient to use, sharp tools make gardening chores much easier. Clean cuts are also much healthier for shrubs, since they heal more quickly and resist diseases.

Sharpens all kinds of straight edge tools, such as anvil loppers, grass hooks, pruning knives-kitchen knives and pocket knives, too. Just place the guard over the cutting edge and draw the sharpener across the blade. The diamond-honed tungsten carbide cutters quickly bring back a razor sharp edge.

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Garden Sharpener 6/5/2020
The Garden Sharpener tool is absolutely amazing! It is so sharp and able to sharpen all kinds of tools. I even used it on my indoor scissors after sharpening so many other tools and it did a great job! You shouldn't touch your tool after because it will be really sharp!
- Sue DiLeo, MA
Terrible product 12/16/2019
This 4 sharpener is awarded to use and pretty much ineffective as a sharpener . Did okay with scissors, but not with knives or garden tools.
- Roberta Sprague, ME
Tool Sharpener 4/17/2017
For blades that can access, does a nice job of sharpening. However, if the garden scissors don't open wide enough, can't sharpen without taking the scissors apart.
- Gene George, VA
great tool 4/14/2014
I love the ease of using this tool. Anybody can use this if I can. Thanks
- marlene matthews, DE