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Floral Sheet Moss 1.5 Cubic Feet

Floral Sheet Moss 1.5 Cubic Feet
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Detailed Description

Premium quality, emerald green sheet moss is used for adding decorative trim to hanging baskets, hayracks and freestanding planters. It softens the edges of the coco-fiber liners and controls spillage when watering. This is a natural, hand-harvested product, so quantities and supplies are limited and there may be interruptions to availability.

1.5 Cubic Feet

Made in USA

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Great sheet moss. 3/25/2021
Great sheet moss for living wreaths.
- Eileen, MA
Great for hanging plants 6/7/2020
This was my first experience with sheet moss and I was very happy with it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but once I began lining my hanging basket with this sheet moss I could see how nice it would look. It is so much nicer than the coco fiber I have always used before. This is green and makes the arrangement look fantastic.
- Sue W, CA
Beautiful sheet moss 5/31/2020
The sheet Moss is lovely and more plentiful than I expected. It has been used to line several wrought iron containers.
- Jean, AL
Wonderful Product 4/19/2019
Every year I order 2 boxes (3cf total) for my potted and hanging plants! It looks so lush and beautiful all year. Added bonus - the tiny songbirds use it to line their nests!
- Marcia, VA
Sheet Moss 11/3/2018
Need a lot for large topiary every year. Always get good results when using the green sheet moss. Have tried other types of moss, not so good on results and other moss was a real pain to use. Have ordered mine for 2019, so I am ready to go.
- Darla, PA
Floral sheet moss 4/2/2018
I ordered this product to use around several bonsai trees and a saikei, or landscape with hills and rocks. The moss acts as a ground cover, keeping the soil, made of muck (sphagnum moss and soil) from washing away during daily waterings. I ordered the small size but there is a very goodly amount of excellent sheet moss. It will last me a good long time. I highly recommend it.
- Barb Ramsey, TX
Floral Sheet Moss 4/9/2017
This is a great product. I have been using it for years in wire hanging baskets. It looks so natural and much nicer than plastic hanging pots.
- Alice Young, MD
The prettiest moss 6/11/2016
I have lined my hanging containers with moss every year. I was so happy to find this back in stock. Looks awesome
- lynn gilles, WI
Tabularasa 5/13/2015
Good quantity, good price and arrived fast. However, turns brown quickly even in the shade.
- Cindy, NY