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Permanent Galvanized Steel Lawn Edging

EverEdge is the permanent galvanized steel lawn edging solution to the age-old problem of maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, path edging and flower and vegetable beds. EverEdge is easy to install, weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Most importantly, this metal landscape edging can be mown over, eliminating the time-consuming and back-breaking effort of manually achieving neat edging.

EverEdge is perfect for landscape edging and will last many years, unlike other plastic or rubber-based edging material.


Everedge Lawn Edging - A Path Before and After

Before & After

EverEdge is easy to install, and stays locked in place for decades.

To view the EverEdge Gallery,

EverEdge available in 3 sizes and 4 colors

EverEdge is available in
three sizes and four colors

Everedge Metal Lawn Edging
EVED $79.95 - $165.95

EverEdge available in 3 sizes & 5 colors

The integral stakes are a
unique feature of EverEdge.

EverEdge FAQs


Installation Tips

Download the EverEdge Basic Installation Guidelines

Watch Demo Video On How To Install EverEdge

1. Get A Fresh Edge

Lawn Edging - Step 1 - Get A Fresh Edge
Cut the turf using a half-moon blade or a spade to get a nice clean face for border edging. The better lawn edging is prepared, the better it will look.

2. Place EverEdge Into Position

Lawn Edging - Step 2 - Place EverEdge Into Position

Scraping the spikes from left to right in the soil helps to seat it well. Ensure the EverEdge logo is facing the front and that the new piece being installed has the male section locking into the female, and not vice-versa.

3. Tap EverEdge Into Place

Lawn Edging - Step 3 - Tap EverEdge Into Place

Using a rubber mallet or a hammer on a block of wood, drive the EverEdge into the ground until your edge is flush with the turf level.

4. Lock EverEdge Together

Lawn Edging - Step 4 - Lock EverEdge Together

Interlock the overlap as shown in the image to the left.

5. Push In The Locking Tongue

Lawn Edging - Step 5 - Push In The Locking Tongue

When all the EverEdge is installed press in the tongue using a screwdriver, as shown in the image to the left. Only push to about 45°.

6. Bend Into Shape

Lawn Edging - Step 6 - Bend Into Shape

Using either another piece of EverEdge or a length of timber EverEdge can be bent to the required angle before installing. Continue until your lawn edging or border edging is comp