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How do you bend EverEdge?

EverEdge Classic is extremely flexible and will easily curve to practically any radius. Mark a line across the point where it needs to be bent and form the angle using any sharp right angle edge whether it be in a vise, work bench, 4”x2” timber or even the angle edge of a table.

What depth should I choose?

The 3" EverEdge is the most popular for edging flower beds and garden paths on level ground. The 4" and 5" depths are available for other steeper applications.

Is it possible to cut EverEdge?

Yes, you can cut EverEdge with a grinder or a simple hacksaw. The best way to remove any extra material is to lap it behind where you started if possible, or where you are not returning to the start point put a 90°, bend and cut off the extra along a wall. Also, this will create added strength at the end of the edging run.

How deep should EverEdge be installed?

If you are planning to mow over the edge, the top of the EverEdge should never be proud of the lawn. Ensure that the edging top is level with the top of the turf, just below the cut height of the grass. This is indicated in our installation guide when you buy EverEdge.

What thickness should I use, 1.6 mm or 2.5 mm?

For most applications, lawn to path or lawn to flowerbed the 1.6 mm is the preferred product. If there is a possibility of vehicle traffic, then the Heavy Duty or ProEdge (2.5 mm) is ideal.

For more information about ProEdge, please call us at 800-733-4129 or Email kinsco@kinsmangarden.com

How long are the EverEdge spikes?

Classic spikes are 94 mm (3.7") and the ProEdge spikes are 100 mm (4").

How long will EverEdge last?

EverEdge comes with a galvanized coating and a thick layer of plastic powder paint coating. Deterioration or rust will not occur for at least 15 years.

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