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Coir Chip Block 10 lbs.

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Detailed Description

Coir chip blocks are made entirely from natural coconut husks. They are better for orchids because they hold more water, air and nutrients than bark chips and do not dry out as quickly. Yet the open chip structure alllows air to circulate just as well as with bark. Coco husk chips contain five times more lignin than bark, so they are highly resistant to breakdown.

This 10-lb. compressed block expands 4 times to make over 16 gallons of orchid growing medium.

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Best Ever 10/7/2018
The coir block provided the best potting medium I have ever used including products from growers in Kauai. I was able to pack the soil so I could lift the plant from the top without pulling out the soil. Can't wait to see how my orchids do this winter, will let you know. Thanks!
- kathleen g., NH
Great Product 4/7/2016
The coconut husk chips are the perfect medium for cymbidium orchids and clivia. Reduced shipping makes it a bargain.
- Sue, CA