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84 Inch Moon Gate Arch

84 Inch Moon Gate Arch
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Transport yourself into a garden of relaxation and reflection. Inspired from Chinese architecture, the vast circular opening of the Moon Gate arch creates an inviting garden passageway.

Create an elegant setting for weddings, anniversary celebrations, and other special events. Or use it as an entryway into your own private zen garden.

Our Moon Gate for gardens is made with graceful curves of tubular steel, powder coated black.

84" tall in center, 89" wide, 20" front to back, 47 ½" outside across base, 40" inside. Includes 4 x 18" ground spikes to anchor base plates.

Weighs approximately 70 lbs.


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Installation was a bit rough, but we LOVE it! 3/17/2023
Fell in love with the Terra Trellis Gracie Moon Arch, but when I saw the $1K+ price tag on that one, I couldn’t justify it… We inherited a monstrous wisteria when we bought our house, so in an attempt to keep it under control I wanted to try this arch. BEST DECISION EVER! When putting it together there was a section that wasn’t fitting together properly something was bent. Luckily after about 30 mins of my husband going back and forth to the shed to grab various tools and try various methods of unbending and fitting he got it together. Wish I could add a pic, it looks AMAZING!
- Drea J., VA
Review of 84 Inch Moon Gate Arch 4/3/2022
The arch was easy to assemble (although it is a two person job). I was impresssed at how easy and secure the anchoring system is. The arch is a great addition to our landscape, providing a grand entry way to our backyard.
- Richard Maurer, AL
Awesome Moon Gate 3/16/2021
I can't wait until the Indian Clock vine covers my Moon Gate!
- Barbara Green, FL
Great vibe. 7/5/2020
Bought this for my mother - still need to do landscaping around it, but wow - very cool arch.
- Kelly, WI
Beautiful 6/26/2020
I'm so happy with my purchase. I cant want to plant my climbing roses.
- Melissa, MA
Moon arch 6/22/2020
We LOVE OUR MOON ARCH. It adds so ch an interest to our pathway. It was so easy to assemble. Cannot wait until our climbing rose covers it!
- Nancy Murphy, CA
It's Perfect! 6/4/2020
The Moon Arch is perfect and was easy to install. I've planted a pale pink fragrant climbing rose and a blue clematis. The arch frames our pool and I just love it!
- Nancy, OK
Fabulous 4/3/2020
The arch looks great! It was fairly easy to put together. I was missing some bolts and there was an empty bag in the box so I called customer service and the bolts were sent out right away! It turns out, the original ones weren't misding; they were screwed into the base plates which I hadn't unwrapped. I am using the arch as a gateway into a winter/moongarden area. It will be wonderful once Clematis is growing over it and shrubs along side it.
- Cathy Branly, VA
2nd one! 3/26/2020
This is my second one. I loved the first as an entrance to sunken formal garden and koi pond. Will be putting this one at a different entrance to this garden. Would love to share pictures.
- Judy, NY
Substantial piece 3/6/2020
The arch is better quality than I anticipated. It is very substantial with the tubes of the arch sections being about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The base is heavy to ensure stability.I haven't put it up yet--waiting for the weather to cooperate, but am very excited to see it in my yard!
- Bonnie Siner, OH
Impressive Arbor!! 8/6/2019
Was fairly simple to put together. Seems very sturdy and substantial - which makes a great statement in our large yard. I bought it because it coordinates with my wagon wheel garden accents! If it handles our northern Minnesota winters, I may have to get another one!!
- Teresa Madison, MN
The Moon Gate 4/14/2019
Absolutely love the Moon Gate. It's very well made and creates a perfect vocal point in my backyard.
- Marion Massinger, FL
Pleasantly surprised 9/18/2018
The moon gate arbor was pretty simple to assemble. Def needs two people to make sure the holes stay lined up. Can't wait to see it all decorated for the wedding!!!
- Kelly, NC
Moon Gate 9/10/2018
Easily assembled, wish other colors were available. Holes in base don't line up with holes in trellis.
- Paul, ID
Great item 9/2/2018
This is the 2nd Moon gate I have purchased! Love them. I bought Confederate Jasmine and planted at the base. Can't wait to see what it looks like by next year! The screws are very hard to get in on the base plate right next to the poles.
- Kimberly Weigert, FL
Moongate - great addition to our garden 8/29/2018
Received the Moongate on schedule but had to put off assembly for a few days. When I started, I noticed that there was a slit on the box edge and saw that one of the cross bars was sticking out. When I opened the box, I found that I was missing one cross bar and one other cross bar appeared to have had one end ground down as if a file was run over it many times. I called and Kinsman was very accommodating to send me two cross bars with attached bolts (which was really great since I also was short one bolt). It took about 4 days to get the part but I started and completed as much as I could while I waited. The gate assembled quite easily given I had read previous reviews that implied it was difficult. I did the assembly myself with no help and did not have any of the issues that were previously mentioned (once I had all the parts). The key to making the assembly smooth was to put all bolts on loosely first. This allows any adjustments in alignment in order to get the bolts properly started Instead of following the pictures, I assembled both sides with cross bars working from one side to the other side (having left the end section until the missing cross bars arrived). Following this procedure, it was relative easy to complete the assembly. I then dragged the assembled moongate to the location and easily lifted the gate into position. I then hammered the spikes through the base plate and it was done. I also installed solar lights so it looks great even in the dark. Now, I just need for my climbing hydrangeas to start growing over the gate.
- Shu Nakamoto, NH
Thrilled 5/11/2018
I have submitted only two product reviews in my life and now I have found a third product worth recommending without reservation: my Kinsman Moon Gate Arch. This arch is well made and is a wonderful addition to my landscape. After assembly by myself, I planted Polish Spirit climbing clematis at each base and am now watching daily to see the clematis making its way up the arch. What a dramatic difference this arch makes to my front lawn. I love it.
- Ken Mazur, CT
Beautiful Moon Gate 10/1/2017
This moon gate makes a wonderful focal point at the beginning of a path in our garden. I may not plant vines on it, because it is beautiful as it is.My husband put it together, and I helped at the last bit to line it up.It was somewhat difficult to line up the parts, but he managed--though one part is a little wonky because the screws and holes wouldn't line up perfectly. It works, though, and doesn't show.He took someone's advice after reading comments, taking the final bolts out from the bottom plates where they just wouldn't line up, and screwing them in from underneath. That idea worked very well!It is a nicely made trellis. I am very happy with it, and I think Kinsman is a good company with excellent customer service.
- Tina G., CA
Archway 7/14/2017
Neighbors can't stop asking me where I got my archway. They have never seen a circular shape before. Makes it feel like you are looking into my garden through a photographer's lens.
- Renee, PA
purchaser 5/23/2017
Everyone remarks how beautiful the moon gate is! I love it!
- pamela quarstein, MD
Perfect focus for formal garden 5/22/2017
I bought this to enhance entrance path to formal garden. Someday the clematis sweet autumn will cover it. But even bare it is a nice accent! Wish I could post pic of a bride posing in moongate.
- Judy, NY
Moon Gate Arch 3/26/2017
My package arrived with fewer bolts than needed--Kinsman sent more. When I put the arch together yesterday, two of the holes did not line up, one was on the support plate. There was a small dent in one of the quarter rounds which may have caused this misalignment. The arch is together now and I look forward to adding my plant material. But, Kinsman needs to provide better quality control of their materials. This is not an inexpensive arbor!
- C Good, WA
Stunning addition 10/21/2016
We recently purchased a moongate. Beautiful addition to our garden. Stunning. Not as hard to put together as some of the reviews say but a bit challenging lining up holes
- Marianne Straaik, NY
Kathy J 8/8/2016
Even more beautiful than I expected! Assembly was super easy, we had it up in 20 minutes. Nothing but compliments from the neighbors, can't wait for the rose to start climbing over. Love love love it!!!
- Kathy Jackson, WA
Moon gate arch 6/14/2016
Mine is even better looking than yours! With black wisteria. Sound and sturdy, a good buy.
- V. Fahn, CA
unit 6/13/2016
The unit appears to be weel built . We had a great deal of trouble trying to get the bolts into the holes on the base. The holes didn't line up and we had to screw them in from underneath.Other than that it was quite easy to assemble
- alan, MA
Piece is beautiful but... 6/15/2015
Process of putting together not so easy to assemble! Multiple hardware problems...poor quality, screw threads not properly made, holes not lined up, etc. Had to invent ways to fix all the problems in order to complete assembly. But end result is a beautiful piece.
- diane alexander, NY
Great Look 6/12/2015
I love the look of the arch(we ordered three), but had some technical problems with the pieces(bolt missing and bolts unusable). Notified company and hopefully will have better quality control. Really a different look than any other.
- Dianne Ross, IL
Eye Catching 5/13/2015
This is a beautifully different arbor. This Moon Gate offers a wide and welcoming gateway into the garden. Word to the wise -- get help to assemble this! The large size really requires 2-3 people to handle. Beware -- the bolts in the base were Very Challenging, they didn't seem to want to thread. No matter -- well worth the effort!
- Lisa DeWispelaere, IL