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1-1/4 Inch Hole Protector for Wooden Birdhouses

1-1/4 Inch Hole Protector for Wooden Birdhouses
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Detailed Description

Hole Protector for wooden birdhouses
Smooth, chrome coated steel plates (with screws included) protect holes from being enlarged by squirrels and large birds.
1 1/4" size for chickadees, titmice and wrens

Please note that in certain photos these hole protectors might appear to have an oval opening, but the opening is definitely round.

Diameter of entire hole protector is approximately 2 1/2"

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Great protection 4/8/2022
Woodpeckers were eating away around the hole, and this has solved the problem. The hole protectors arrived right away and were easy to install. My bird house is now ready for some Wrens to start building a nest. Great service! Thank you
- Kathy, MA
Birdhouse Hole Protector 4/7/2021
Clever solution to make a birdhouse usable after squirrels chewed a larger hole in the house to gain entrance. The protector covers the chewed hole and makes the entrance attractive for birds. Birds are very selective about where they raise their young.
- Patricia Arnsberg, OR
Perfect - I bought too small for wrens 6/5/2020
These are very nice, and I would purchase again. My mistake buying them for a wren house we have; I needed 1 1/8 actually. We will use them for chickadee houses!Service and correspondence was great. Many thanks!
- Wendy Young, IN
Great item 4/30/2020
These are perfect for keeping larger birds out of houses meant for smaller ones. These are unique and hard to find. Shipped promptly.
- Kathie Kostura, OH
Bird House Savers 4/11/2020
Saved our birdhouses from the squirrels.
- Judy Eubanks, TN
Just What I Needed 11/4/2019
Have experienced squirrels chewing out unprotected holes so decided to nip that in the bud. All installed and fit the holes precisely.
Happy Home! 5/14/2019
Adding the protective metal rings to the bird house opening has saved my wooden bird houses. The bird's nests are now safe from predators and I hear lots of chirping already. Great product.
- Bonnie Burke, MI
Save the birdhouse 5/8/2019
I've looked all over for something like this and accidentally came across your magazine and saw these. Awesome. Nice and heavy duty so the birdhouses should hold up over the winter without the hole being pecked away!
- Sandra martin, KS
good quality good price 4/15/2018
just ordered the wrong size, my bad
- Janet Foster, WY
Birds front door! 6/22/2017
Great idea and creates a clean entrance!
- Lieneke Engelina, OH
Hole covers for bird houses. 5/22/2017
I love these things. I bought several and now have them on all ten of my birdhouses.
- Elizabeth, NH
Disappointed 4/3/2017
Last year I bought a protector for my chickadee house. Just a minute ago I spotted an English sparrow coming OUT of the box! I thought the protector would keep the sparrows out of my chickadee box?!?
- Nicolette Byer, PA
problem solver 4/13/2014
bought two sizes to fix birdhouses that squirrels were destroying. work great!
- rich guemmer, GA
Birdhouse hole covers 4/6/2014
Wouldn't have a birdhouse without them. Protects the little birds and their babies.
- Joyce, PA
excellent buy 3/15/2013
it is easy to buy a new birdhouse but a lot cheeper to mend an old one. I have saved many with new hole protecters and they do a great job.
- Charles Aronson, FL