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Please note that the handle on all medium size trugs differs from those on the small and large sizes. The new handles are not as smooth and rounded as the other two sizes. Flexible, versatile carriers for the garden with dozens of uses around the home.

Available in 3 sizes:

SMALL-11" high x 14" rim diameter, 25 liters, 6.6 gallons capacity
MEDIUM-13" high x 17" rim diameter, 40 liters, 10.5 gallons capacity
LARGE-12" high x 21" rim diameter, 55 liters, 14.5 gallons capacity

They're black and tough, but light and easy to carry. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, they're as hardwearing as a car tire. Unaffected by freezing cold or boiling water.

Use Trug-Tubs for weeding and pruning-they stand upright reliably. Then grab both handles with one hand for easy carrying. Use them for carrying tools and mixing potting soils. They'll even carry liquids without splashing and you can pour from them easily. Use them for carrying firewood and as party ice buckets. Because they're so flexible, they won't dent or rust and are easy to keep clean. Made in Spain for harvesting fruit in orchards.


Overall Rating

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April 16, 2012
By Sheri, Ironwood MI
The most durable useful type of container I've ever owned. I absolutely love them. Started w/ a lg and sm, then added another large, and now adding a med and extra small. There are just so many uses for them!. (I prefer the blac, thank you for offering them asn I have only been able to find the colors elsewhere
The Best there is!
March 4, 2013
By Ingrid, Shady Cove OR
I've not only ordered duplicates of all three sizes of these over the years for myself, but I've also ordered some as gifts for others. They're the strongest, most adaptable, and user-friendly and forgiving containers I've ever found. We've done everything from mix potting mixes/soil amendments and made compost teas and the like in them to mixing concrete, and after a good 10++ years they're still as durable as they were on Day #1. My husband and garden helper now have found uses for them, too, so I have to hunt them down when I'm working on one of my projects. Frankly, I like the black color and the fact that they're made from recycled tires (as I recall...), and saw one in use in a beautiful historical garden in Great Britain years ago, so I realized they knew a good garden helper when they saw one. ;--)
December 21, 2013
By R Daniels, New City IL
LOVE these trugs! I'm still using some I purchased forever ago and wanted these as gifts. One note- the medium size trug now has handles that are slightly different than the others. For my small hands they are a bit less comfortable to grip, though they do look sturdier than before. They are still rugged and will last for years.
Springtime surprise!
April 5, 2014
By Kathy, The Villages FL
A gift for my daughter, the two black trugs I ordered were a hit. "I can think of so many ways to use them," she said. More are on her list.
Buy the Original
May 6, 2014
By Henry L Sosinski, Columbia MD
Most stores carry a trug tub that is made of thinner less durable material. The handles are thin and they break if put under enough of a load. This is the original black Trug tub made by Fiel. It is thick and durable and will last forever. Buy the original and stay happy.
Maryland gardener
May 19, 2014
By gail, North Potomac MD
I am not sure why I never bought one of these before! I purchased the smaller one and it is perfect. Buying one for my son who is a new homeowner.
the real thing
May 20, 2014
By Barbara, New Haven VT
I ordered a large and small black tub trug; years ago I got a large black one and it is still in perfect condition. In years between I bought a variety of the colored ones but they break down in outside conditions, and are flimsier in construction. They have all lost handles and gotten cracked. Not the black ones. So happy to have found a source for these.
The best tubs to buy
May 30, 2014
By Suzanne , Frederick MD
Very strong and up to any garden job.
granny C
June 16, 2014
By MC, Burlington KY
This trug was just what I was looking for. Something small to carry around as I work in the flower beds to put composting refuse in - smaller than a garbage can. Looks like it will last a long time too.
June 16, 2014
By Linda, Pittsburgh PA
These are the best - lightweight & flexible. Perfect for many garden chores!
great black tub
August 13, 2014
By Ellen, Belmont MA
I needed a receptacle for yard waste--all the sticks leaves deadheaded flowers etc. I gather while gardening, which eventually make their way to a paper landscape trash bag, but who wants that sitting on the patio? This trug/tub is attractive in a low-key way, sturdy and a good size. It is a great solution.
Love these trugs!
August 20, 2014
By Katrina Kerrigan, New Concord OH
I bought two of these, and both my husband and I love them! We can use them for lots of things, but especially live them for weeding--so easy to carry!
Good product
October 15, 2014
By Beverly Hashimoto , Dumont NJ
Wanted to add to my. Collection of trug tubs. Useful in many ways - weeding, hauling water, esp. Good prices.
Trugs ROCK!
December 15, 2014
By Sheila, Scottsdale AZ
We bought all three size trugs after reading reviews of others. They are AWESOME! They're heavy duty, easy to handle and can be used for a multitude of purposes. I'd highly recommend them for any gardener!

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