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Photo Contest

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Our winners of the 2014 Pamela Crawford Side Planting Photo Contest!

1st Place Prize $1000 Kinsman Gift Certificate

Basket Column Kit for Large Pots

"I wanted to create a bright palette in an area that gets morning shade, but afternoon sun. Tones of bright orange, peach and warm brick contrast with the grey tones of the fence. I used coleus, sunpatiens, petunias, sweet potato vine, verbena and trailing orange twinspur. I hope you enjoy! And I used the column for large pots with the 14" side planting basket."

Rebecca Mickelson

Rochester, MN

2nd Place Prize $500 Kinsman Gift Certificate

Basket Column for Large Pots

"Kathy and I have a real passion for gardening."

Kathy & Tom DeGraide

Carolina, RI

3rd Place Prize

Basic Side Planting Baskets on Border Column Kits

" Lining my driveway, I have 3 side planting baskets in ascending heights on Border Columns. They are planted with a mixture of wave petunias and ornamental sweet potato vines with a dracaena spike in the center of each one. They are in full sun and bloom beautifully! These side planting baskets really make a showy display!"

Sara Manley
Swansea, IL

3rd Place Prize

Basket Column for Large Pots

"We have really enjoyed working with your side planting baskets the last 4 years. I have gotten quite a few compliments on my planters. This planter has wave petunias and million bells."

Martha Yoder
Worthington, IN




3rd Place Prize

24" Window Box Planter

" I purchased my Pamela Crawford window box two years ago and it hangs on the shady side of a little garage. This year I chose coleus, angel-wing begonias, and million bells to add a pop of color and texture to a border of standard hostas. I have participated in our local garden walk for several years and every visitor says this is one of their favorite pots! "

Karen Stamos
Amherst, NY