Side Planting Photo Contest

Our winners of the 2013 Pamela Crawford Side Planting Photo Contest!

1st Place Prize $1000 Kinsman Gift Certificate

Basket Column Kit for Large Pots

"This is in a semi-shaded area. In the pot and basket are the following plants: Spike, Blue Trailing Torenia, Unnamed Coleus, Florida Cardinal Caladium, Florida Fantasy Caladium, Dragon Wing Begonia, Creeping Jenny, Silver Lace Fern, Different Rex Begonia, Kalibri Variegated Ivy, Alocasia "African Mask", Maranta and Maiden Hair Fern."
Roy Scott

Wilbraham, MA

2nd Place Prize $500 Kinsman Gift Certificate

Basket Column for Large Pots

"Greetings from the prairies of Big Sky Country, Malta Montana. This is my second year with the side planting baskets. There are ten 14" baskets on the column extensions in old whiskey barrels. They line the sidewalk to my motel. I used purple fountain grass in the middle, wave petunias, white verbena. There are also a few vines, million bells and lobelia. I get so many compliments on my baskets from the guests that stay here."
A.S., Maltana Motel

Malta, MT

3rd Place Prize
16" Single Basic Baskt Planters

" This year I wanted to try something different, so why not my favorite plants? I am amazed at how well my Illumination and Santa Cruz begonias did in the side planters - it has been an eye popper! Thanks Pamela for creating side planters! "
Robin Creasman
Marshville, NC

3rd Place Prize
Basket Column for Large Pots

" Planted in this side planting basket column kit are supertunia vista petunias and snow princess. In the whiskey barrel below the basket are Champagne grass and snow princess. "
Helen Roehl
Walker, MN

Honorable Mentions:

Paul Jourdan,
Northome, MN

Karen Miller,
Coopersburg, PA

Diane Deck,
Lawrenceburg, IN

Lorriane Suba,
Republic, PA

3rd Place Prize
36" Window Box Planter

" My 36" wall basket is on the side of my garden shed. I planted in mid-May and within a month the planter was no longer visible. The plants thrive in the morning light and get so big by the end of the summer that I can barely get a hose in to water it! Plants include the centerpiece Colocasia 'Puckerup', side plants Coleus 'Wasabi' and 'Dipt in Wine', and red Dragon Wing begonia for the floral punch. Bacopa 'Gold 'N Pearls' and Dichondra 'Silver Falls' trail from the lower portion. "
Tiffany Boatwright
Hillsboro, OR