Photo Contest

2013 Down Under Pot Photo Contest Prize Winners:

1st Place Prize
$250 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Debbie B'Hymer
Enumclaw, WA

"I love these pots... Double pink impatiens, in my Down Under Pot for 2013"

2nd Place Prize
$150 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Linda Langdale
Gurley, AL

"My begonia-filled down under pot hangs from an arbor covered sidewalk. The down under pot helps to fill in a flower barren spot."

3rd Place Prize Winners of
$100 Kinsman Gift Certificates
Alison Nore
Anchorage, AK

"This tuberous pink begonia in the Down Under pot is 3 years old. I usually hang it on the north side of the house but sometimes move it to the greenhouse due to weather conditions here in Alaska."
Wilma Dorris
Rockville, MD

"To my friends at Kinsman-Wanted to share this photo with you. I just ordered and received my second upside down pot. This is one planted at the bottom as instructed. Look what happened!"
Patricia Draper
Hampton Bays, NY

"The pale yellow wave petunia complements the burgundy DUP (Down Under Pot) perfectly. I have it hanging on the east side of my home in Long Island, NY. Its beauty attracts a lovely male red throated hummingbird, who also indulges in his Kinsman's hummingbird feeder mounted on my deck rail. Thank you for offering such an attractive planter."