Photo Contest

Photo Contest

2014 Down Under Pot Photo Contest Prize Winners:

1st Place Prize
$250 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Susan Gillespie
Riverview, FL

"My sister gave me a Down Under pot for Christmas about 3 years ago. That spring I bought a small, bare root orchid to plant in my new pot. This is its 3rd summer and second time it has bloomed. It has been fun watching it mature with how the tendrils crawl up the pot. It is definitely a conversation piece at home as well as with my gardening friends on Facebook. I love this pot. "

2nd Place Prize
$150 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Christy Adams
Lovettsville, VA

" Here is a picture of my upside down planter with a beautiful red begonia displayed proudly on my deck. The begonia was happy in the planter from day one. "

3rd Place Prize Winners of
$100 Kinsman Gift Certificates
Brenda Bartlett
Vicksburg, MS

"Four year old Jade plant in a medium terra cotta pot. Hope it blooms again next year! One of five pots that I own. Love these pots! "
Brad Zeinert
Neenah, WI

"Each year I plant a single coleus "gay delight" in each of my 2 Down Under Pots and hang them in the back yard. The plants grow so well that they get so big you can hardly see the pot! "
Barbara Cairns
Cedaredge, CO

"This Asparagus Fern was planted last November from a 4" pot. I never gave a thought that the fern preferred to grow downward rather than turn up and was surprised when it also sprouted out of the top of the pot. I really like the two layers with the pot showing in the middle. The fern grew inside all winter and now has a perfect place in the shade on my deck. Your iron stand also stays upright during our strong spring winds. "