Photo Contest

Photo Contest

2016 Down Under Pot Photo Contest Prize Winners:

1st Place Prize
$250 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Karen and Howard Wilson
Northfield, MN

"This is a photo of red begonias in a Down Under Pot. "Howard is Australian, and we really love this "down under" pot!"

2nd Place Prize
$150 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate is
Linda Perreault
Chicopee, MA

"This is a picture of my Martha Washington geranium that I planted this year."

3rd Place Prizes
$75 Kinsman Company
Gift Certificate are
Denise Lanthier
Elk River, MN

"The down under pot is my new favorite hanging basket! It was so easy to plant up and only one plant was needed for a beautiful display. I planted dragon wing begonias that I grew from seed. I just love it!"

Margaret Till
Somerville, AL

"I planted a small rabbit's foot fern in my large moss green Down Under Pot several years ago. I have my pot hanging from a hook on the side of my deck in a shady location. A little tree frog made his home in the top of the pot this summer and he wanted to be in the photo, too – he came out to make sure! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed my pot – It always makes me smile when I see it."

Pam Moffitt
Smithville, TN

"Begonia bloomed prolifically all summer hanging in the shade of my dogwood tree w/additional blooms beneath some of the larger begonia leaves. I loved the color of this variety in my pot."