Trickle Ring

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Made in USA

Trickle Ring Tree Irrigators

One Ring

Safeguard your valuable new fruit trees and ornamentals-or water established specimens through a drought. Flexible plastic ring with watering holes has a small gap, so you can slip it around tree trunks as large as 8" diameter.

Use in two ways: holes up to sprinkle a wider circle-or holes down for deep soaking. With holes down, you can cover with landscape cloth and mulch to prevent weeds, while your trees flourish.

Trickle Rings

12" across, with 1/2" diameter tube, eleven watering holes.

Connect a number of Trickle Rings with standard 5/8" hose and fittings, then adjust the flow of each with standard shutoff valves (not included, but readily available at hardware stores and home centers).

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