Rain Gel-Jector

Item Number: RGJ
*Backordered: 12/15/17
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Works with your standard household Caulk Gun. Lets you add water retaining gel to an established container-just where it's needed, up to 4" below the surface.
Cuts down dramatically on the need to water.
Four trigger squeezes is enough for a 12" basket for an entire season.

Each Rain Gel-Jector contains enough gel for five baskets.

Made in England
Rain Gel granules hold moisture in the soil of hanging baskets and containers, so plants do not dry out as quickly, improving displays and growth even in dry conditions.
Adds Potassium - Not Sodium
Another advantage of Rain-Gel and Rain-Mats is that they slowly release small traces of potassium, unlike other products that release sodium (salt) which can adversely affect some plants.
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