Q Plugs for Standard Rooter Pot-Pack of 4

Item Number: QBPT-4
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Q Plug looks and feels like moist chocolate sponge cake, the ideal blend of soil, air and water for rapid root formation.

Super Pre-formed Q Plugs for Rooter-Pots

Q Plugs to fit Rooter-Pots are molded from a superb stabilized rooting medium that provides ideal air/water ratios for rapid root development and healthy growth. It's a perfect fit.

Each Q Plug is slit to the center, allowing you to fit it into a Rooter-Pot. Then clamp pot and plug around the peeled stem of the plant you want to root, before locking Rooter-Pot's tabs into place. It's the perfect medium for Rooter-Pot air-layering propagation. Made in California by Ihort Technologies, this material is widely used in commercial horticulture.