Nature Oasis Bird Bath & Drinker and Garden Stand Combo

Item Number: OBBGS
*Backordered: 05/31/22


Save 10% with this combination offer of the Nature Oasis Birdbath (OBB) and the Garden Stand (AMLORS)

Nature Oasis Bath & Drinker (OBB)

Provide needed water for garden wildlife with this essential watering pool. Stepped bath assures safe footing for birds.
Made from 100% recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo fiber.
11-3/4" diameter, 2" deep overall including an integral base

Garden Stand (AMLORS)

Sturdy steel tripod stand is ideal for supporting birdbaths, gazing globes and flower pots.
18" high, 9-3/4" overall diameter with 6-1/2" diameter ring at the top.
Powder coated black