55 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Set, ALGOplus & Rain Gel Granules Kit

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Kit includes:

55" Hayrack & Coco Liner Set (KC20SET), a bottle of ALGOplus fertilizer, and 250 Gram Rain Gel Granules (RGRNL)

Use under windows, on walls or railings Our European Classic Hayrack planters are a beautiful alternative to traditional window boxes. There is a range of sizes to complement most architectural styles. Each piece is hand-welded steel, thickly dipped in black plastic for permanent corrosion protection. Their quality is unrivaled.

55" long x 12" wide x 12" deep, 3/8" diameter bars

Coco Liner is CLTC20

Hardware for hanging is not included. Options for the 55" hayrack are: Hayrack Brackets (KCRB), Cable Tie Kit (UCT4) or Lag Bolts (available at local hardware store). For wood siding, use plated lag bolts at least 2 1/2" long with 1 1/2" outside diameter washers. Masonry requires plastic for masonry bolts and washers.