24 Inch Euro Classic Hayrack Set, ALGOplus, & Rain Gel Granules Kit

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Kit includes:

24" Hayrack & Coco Liner Set (KC16SET), All Purpose Algoflash (AA75015), and 250 Gram Rain Gel Granules (RGRNL)

Use under windows, on walls or railings Our European Classic Hayrack planters are a beautiful alternative to traditional window boxes. There is a range of sizes to complement most architectural styles. Each piece is hand-welded steel, thickly dipped in black plastic for permanent corrosion protection. Their quality is unrivaled.

24" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep, 5/16" diameter bars

Coco Liner is CLTC16 Moss and Green Coco Liners are not available for this size planter

Hardware for hanging is not included. Options for the 24" hayrack are: Hayrack Brackets (KCRB), J Hooks (KCJH), or Lag Bolts (available at local hardware store). For wood siding, use plated lag bolts at least 2 1/2" long with 1 1/2" outside diameter washers. Masonry requires plastic for masonry bolts and washers. 24" long Hayrack is 24" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep, with 5/16" diameter bars, and includes natural coco-fiber liner.

Mounting hardware not included. Suggestions include J Hooks (KCJH for hayracks up to 36" long), Hayrack Brackets (KCRB), and Cable Tie Kits (UCT4). You can also use plated or masonry lag bolts which are available at your local hardware store.

The natural coco-fiber replacement liner is CLTC16.