17 Inch Hanging Basket Set, ALGOplus, & Rain Mat Kit

Item Number: KC7KIT


Save over $12 when purchasing as a kit!

Kit includes:

17" Hanging Basket & Liner Set (KC7SET), a bottle of ALGOplus fertilizer, and a package of Rain Mats (RMAT)

Traditional design features heavy gauge steel wire, hand-welded and coated in black plastic. Extra deep for outstanding plant growth. Use moss liners for side planting. Sturdy black chains and ring.

Combination set with "Easy Fit" Natural Coco liner.

17" diameter x 10" deep

Molded Coco Liner is MLTC7 Flat Coco Liner is CLTC7 Moss Liner is ANZM16 ** Cannot substitute Moss liners for natural coco liners in set **