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Made in USA

Each 4 ft. length of rustproof aluminum alloy is stamped with thousands of 3/16" holes. These admit heavy rains but keep out leaves, twigs, nests and pinestraw. Each length comes with 3 plastic clips which snap guards securely in place onto 4" and 5" aluminum gutters.
Overall width of guards is 5-3/4". Rain dam on front edge restricts overflow. Made from .014 gauge corrosion resistant aluminum.
Barely visible from the ground, Leaves-Away gutter guards require no maintenance-yet save hours of cleaning time each season.
Leaves-Away gutter guards have been in use since 1984 and sold nationally since 1987 to thousands of satisfied users.

Each Pack includes 3 plastic clips per 4 ft length.
20 ft Pack-contains 5 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
40 ft Pack-contains 10 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
100 ft Pack-contains 25 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
200 ft Pack-contains 50 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.
500 ft Pack-contains 125 x 4 ft lengths plus clips.

Extra 4 ft lengths and clips are sold separately.

Simple Installation
Shingle Overlap Installation:
Slide guards up under shingles. Pull down guards onto edge of gutter.
Flat Installation: Fold up back edge of gutter guard and lay it flat on top of gutter.

Rigid construction makes Leaves-Away installation simple. The easy to handle 4 ft lengths are shipped flat, so there is no unravelling to deal with, and no pre-measuring. When you reach the end of a run, you simply trim the excess with tinsnips or heavy scissors.
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