Cold Frame Combination Offer

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Offer includes 1 each of Juwel 120/100EF Cold Frame and Automatic Opener.
Begin the spring season 6-8 weeks earlier. You can sow hardy seeds that much sooner, in the warm earth inside your cold frame. The strong February sun is concentrated inside these quality polycarbonate cold frames and the earth beneath thoroughly warmed for several inches to speed germination of the seeds you plant. Late summer and fall plantings of lettuce and spinach can be enjoyed into December.

Automatic openers mean you can leave the frames to open and close themselves while you are at work or away for a few days.

Works with the Juwel cold frame. Special jelly in black cylinder responds to inside temperatures to automatically open and close top panels without electricity. Adjustable to begin opening anywhere from 60°F to 85°F. Raises up to 12 lbs. Full opening is 17".

Juwel Cold Frame 120/100 Easy-Fix offers Easy Assembly through fixing clips and solid corner parts! Rounded corner parts, and corrosion resistant aluminum frame. Excellent heat insulation through UV-stabilized double skin panels. Adjustable windproof venting catches. New window stoppers for comfortable planting and harvesting! Includes ground anchors for windproof anchoring.

3.3' long x 3.94' wide x 1.3' high at peak, .98' high at front and back corners

We've been using and offering Juwel cold frames since 1985. They're superb!

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Cold Frame Combination offer
Mar 29, 2015  |  By Susan Mitchell
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received quickly, packaged well, took 2 adults 2.5 hours to assemble. Quite flimsy but does heat up nicely on cold sunny days. Poor design with the 2 top 'doors' slipping off with the a slight breeze. Duct tape solved that problem. Wonder how many seasons this will last. Am returning the Univent, opening the lid manually seems easier than figuring out how to install without destroying the fragile frame.

Cold Frame Combo
Apr 7, 2015  |  By Jenifer Kusch
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The cold frame is what I expected. It did however take my very handy husband much longer to put together than the 1 minute advertised. Also, though we have had this exact. Net before in another application, we cannot find a way to attach it to this cold frame ????

Juwel cold frame
Mar 3, 2018  |  By Robert E. Alewine
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I dont know the language and mostly the pictures showed how to put it together within reason. Had to guess at some and reinvent on the final lifting device, after searching on line I got the info I needed and finished it. Found out what the strings were for when we had a high wind storm, they will go on.

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