Blue Ribbon Hairpin Holders

Item Number: XB30


These versatile holders are made to hold not only fresh flowers, but also silks and dried flowers, and hold them firmly from any and all angles--even in from the sides. Great for centerpieces and bouquets where you want the fullness. Made from lead and brass (painted green) to last forever--there is nothing to rust or wear out! All five sizes of these green hairpin holders are 2 1/2" tall and made in Virginia. Remember when picking a size you can always use fewer flowers to make smaller arrangements as long as the holder fits into the container.

The following sizes are available:

  • 1" diameter - This is for a very small container where nothing else will fit and will hold very few flowers.
  • 2" diameter - This is a great size for a small container. You can't go straight in from the side because there's nothing there to hold it in place, but you can still angle the stems.
  • 2 1/2" diameter - This is a good size for a small centerpiece. It will hold lots of small stems, but not as much if you're using large stemmed flowers.
  • 3" diameter - Now you're getting up into a larger arrangement, perhaps a vegetable bowl sized container.
  • 3 1/2" diameter - This is the largest of the hairpins and will hold an amazing amount of flowers if you want it to. Great for a large centerpiece, an arrangement for church, or any large bouquet that suits you.

  • Made in the USA