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Wren House

Wren House
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Please note that current faceplate is a reddish color.

Proven in Europe for over 40 years. 10-1/2" high x 6-1/2" diameter, 23" overall including hanger, 8 lbs.

1" hole-Made specifically for American house wrens.

These birdhouses are made from a unique blend of 75% pine sawdust, burnt clay and other natural materials, formed and baked to provide a nesting home for birds that is healthy for them and which will last for 20 years or more in your garden. This remarkable material actually "breathes" like wood. Yet it is completely rotproof and the non-toxic brown paint on the roof and sides sheds water like a duck's back. Resistant to damage by squirrels and raccoons. Seven models, with entry holes specially sized for American birds.

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Schwegler birdhouse 4/26/2022
We originally purchased this birdhouse in the hopes that we could get the wrens we see around the yard to check it out. Unfortunately, the chickadees beat them to it. They loved it last year. Yesterday we hung it up again and it wasn't an hour later that the chickadees were checking it out again! Thinking of getting a second one! Love how sturdy they are made and how easy they are to clean!
- Monica D, AL
an inviting, long-lived wren house 1/28/2021
This wren house will permit/encourage years of wren brooding. A friend has utilized two of these houses for a decade. Any purchasers who do not like the color of the house are more interested in themselves, than in the wrens. The house and hanger are well considered.
- Joseph Donnally, CT
Really nice 1/5/2021
We bought a number of the Schwegler birdhouses to stop the squirrels from destroying the birdhouses we like to keep around the yard. We like how easy they are to clean and how substantial they are.
- Barb, LA
Great box--was a 9/12/2020
We've have had a 1-1/2 inch Schwegler box for years that has been occupied by White-breasted Nuthatches almost every spring. It's been fun having such a durable box. This year, we decided to put a wren box up on the side of our garage, away from the other 2 Schwegler boxes on our property and two other nest boxes. We were surprised that it was occupied by a Carolina Chickadee in May--didn't think it would fit in the 1-inch box. Then in July, I noticed a territorial-acting House Wren in the vicinity of the box. Sure enough, like the chickadee before it, there were nestling sounds coming from inside. This was almost like having a two-for-the-price of one event. In any case, we love the Schwegler boxes. Wish I could include a photo of the box showing the two-story nests!
- Bob Burgett, OH
Best Wren house 5/8/2020
These wren houses are truly amazing. They take about 5 minutes to install including getting the ladder out of the shed. Mama wren moved in the next day and started building out her nest. The house is also very easy to clean.
- Cory Loukides, CO
Beulah flauto 5/8/2020
We put the wren box up when it came - maybe 10 days ago. About three days later there was a wren making a nest in it. We will see if this is the nest that is picked for the eggs. I understand that wrens make several nests before they make the big decision. They are adorable - singing and working all the time.
I love this wren house! 5/2/2020
Not only do I love this wren house, but more important the wren will love this house.We ordered two wren houses and hung both yesterday afternoon; within 20 minutes, a male wren was checking out one of them! WOW! It'll probably be a while before he finds a lady friend to show it off to and to see if she approves and accepts it. And I love that it is solid and strong. We've lost a few previous wren families to predators -- probably raccoons -- so a tough but air-permeable construction is important. Those *&%$#*! raccoons will destroy a few teeth trying to get to any chicks in these houses.
- Frances E, NY
A cement bird house??? 4/30/2019
I was not happy when I received this bird house. It is made of cement making really heavy. The color of the area with the hole in it is pictured as gray. the one I received was a nasty deep rose color with a chocolate brown body. Would have returned it but it was too heavy and expensive to return. The only good thing is the hanger that comes with it.
- Elaine McIntosh, MI
Wren Happy 4/6/2019
When this arrived i was rather taken back at how truly heavy it was. We put it up where a wren had been diligently trying to build in my outdoor cushions and they took to it immediately instead. They're happy-I'm happy
- Anne Salome, TX
Bird house 2/26/2019
I have purchased several of these over the years. Both sizes of openings. Some of them are nearly 20 years old and look and function as new. Hangers have lasted, also. Easy to clean. Always used by birds every year. Recently purchased more.
- Di, MI
Schwegler Wren House 5/16/2018
I had wrens move into the new wren house 10 minutes after I put it up. I am planning to replace my old wooden wren houses that have fallen apart over the years with these amazing Schwegler Wren Houses. What a great product!
- Cory, CO
Wren House 1/12/2018
I ordered this wren house for the first time last spring and the wrens loved it. So I ordered another one for my own use and one for my nephew's birthday.
- kristin Westfall, VA
Immediate occupancy 6/6/2017
We recently received our fifth Schwegler birdhouse we try to add one to the collection every year. This year we ordered the wren house and in less than two days after it was hung in our Kentucky coffee tree two Carolina wrens had moved in. These houses are fantastic, the birds really enjoy them, they are easy to clean and they seemingly last forever. They are well worth the price!
- deb faculak, MI
Wren House 5/12/2017
Outstanding. This is our second house of this kind and the Wrens love it!
- Jim Schoster, MN
Wren House 5/26/2016
The wren house was swiftly occupied. Will probably purchase other houses in the line.
- K. Finney, IL
very sturdy house! 4/20/2016
Very sturdy, well made house! So glad came with a hanging loop that fits a large diameter branch! Awaiting tenants!
- Lauren, PA
Best Wren House 3/20/2016
This is (by far) the best wren house available. It's made to last and it is beautiful. One cannot go wrong purchasing this item.
- Don Gruszka, IL
best bird house 10/23/2015
Looks like it will last a lifetime
- Barbara A, TX
Wren House 6/13/2015
Solid little house. Saw a bird coming out of it the morning after I put it out.
- Jayne Cavitt, NY
wren house 3/19/2014
Very satisfied with quality. It's too early for nesting, so I'm waiting to see if I get any customers in it.
- Jessica Ansley, GA
Best Birdhouse ever! 3/8/2013
I feel these are the best-made birdhouses. I love my Schwegler birdhouses, and so do the birds! I have 5 houses now, (3 different kinds), and wanted to give some tips for someone thinking of buying one. The Wren House is perfect for Chickadees (put a handful of aspen shavings inside for them, and watch the pair excavate their nest). The Bluebirds love their house so much they will keep nesting throughout the summer. The Bluebird house in Brown can sometimes get too hot--I have another one in White that I use for the summer nesting. If you only have the brown one, I do not recommend having it in full sun. Mount it to a tree trunk instead. I leave my houses up all winter too in case a bird wants to roost in it. It was so cute to see my wintering Red-Breasted Nuthatches checking the Wren House out. I only wish Kinsman offered more Schwegler houses. I'd love to get a larger one to entice the Great Crested Flycatchers when they visit!
- Karen Guise, DE
1W-FG 12/7/2012
Hi, I only just wanted to let you know that I have been using Schwegler birdhouses for over 20 years. They are well worth their money, they are sturdy, the material they are made of is safe (no wood treated with chemicals or paint leaking lead or other chemicals), they are easy to clean, the birds love them, and they last like forever. I just bought two of them a couple of weeks ago for Christmas gifts and I know the recipients will have them for many years to enjoy. I hope that your company will continue to carry this fantastic products, I know I will be getting more of them in the future. Happy Holidays!
- MM, MD
Bird houses 3/14/2012
Both bird houses that I have ordered from you are already occupied!! The birds are so Happy!!
- Anne Brunet, TX