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Universal Squirrel Baffle

Universal Squirrel Baffle
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Detailed Description

Stop squirrels from feeding at your bird feeder. Works with hanging or pole-mounted bird feeders.
Stays Clear! Made of high-strength polycarbonate plastic. Weather Resistant

Replaces Hanging Squirrel Baffle (HHB) and Pole Mounted Squirrel Baffle (HSB)

Fits poles from 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameter.
Diameter: 13-1/4"

Assembly Instructions:

For hanging bird feeders:

1. Insert plastic hook adapter through plastic collar
2. Insert plastic collar through plastic baffle
3. Attach hanging cable to hook within plastic collar

For pole-mounted bird feeders:

1. Start self-tapping screws into plastic collar
2. Place collar onto pole at desired height and tighten screws
3. Place baffle over top of collar

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Fills the Bill 3/26/2021
I purchased two baffles, one for rain protection and one as a deterrent to climbers below the feeder. I was lucky as my pole has a simple straight end at the bottom: had it been different, I would not have been able to use as these do not go up and over the u-bend curve at the top of the pole. This is why I have rated the product as 4 star. That said, they are doing exactly what I had hoped they would. There is a discount if more than one is purchased.
- Cathryn, OR
Yes, it does work! 8/13/2020
We have this on a pole feeder that is set in a heavy umbrella stand. When the squirrels figure out how to jump onto the top of the feeder, we move it. They have never figured out how to access the feeder from the ground with this baffle. (Our squirrels are small. That may have some thing to do with it.)
- Carol Rice, LA
This didn't baffle my squirrels 5/13/2020
We used this on a hanging bird feeder. The squirrels figured it out in two days
- Chris Richards, TN
keep the squirrels out 5/1/2020
easy to use and works great
- Jean Abshire, SC
great for squirrels 4/22/2018
Finally I have kept the squirrels out of the birdseed. However those pesky squirrels now have figured out how to knock the whole contraption onto the ground. I will have to wire it on to the branch.
- Ema, ID