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Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole
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Provide an attractive home for your amphibian friends and they will repay you by keeping down the slugs and harmful bugs in your garden. Attractive toad-friendly design. Makes a great gift for a gardening friend or a child who loves nature.

5" high x 7-1/2" overall dia.

Alec received a toad house for his 7th birthday. Daria moved into her new home right away and stayed until October, much to Alec's delight!

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Nice and Simple 2/12/2021
I like the plain clay look. Given the time of year, I will not put it out until warmer weather since the freeze/thaw may cause it to crack. No more comments until I can actually use it.
- Glenda Schultheis, IN
Toad in the Hole toad house 9/16/2020
Very nice!
- Robert, NY
Toad house 9/7/2020
I like the terra cotta toad house. Glad I ordered two.
- Cheryl kiefer, OH
Toad house 9/7/2020
I like the terra cotta toad house. Glad I ordered two.
- Cheryl kiefer, OH
Toad hole failure 3/21/2020
We built a toad pond and put a toad hole in place, unfortunately the toad hole didn't last a season . . . Even with a mild winter the toad hole disintegrated . . .
- John sullivan, DE
Great Home for my Toads! 6/28/2019
I bought two toad houses this spring and I am going to buy more. I have seen as many as four toads in a house at one time. I think the houses are very attractive and obviously the toads do too!
- Martha Lynn, TX
Toad-In-The-Hole 10/4/2018
Great product. Cannot wait to see the frogs. Would be nice if the writing was more prominent. Can hardly read it. Could have put in a color or something like the toad on the top.
- Sharon, MN
Toad House 4/14/2017
I put my toad house out in the Fall of 2016 and much to my dismay in the Spring of 2017 I see that it has a crack across the entire house.
- ML Uthus, VA
A gift... 3/5/2017
that was very appreciated and liked.
- Colleen Kube, VT
charming 10/10/2016
I have yet to place the toad in the hole out in my yard, since I want to try out the buttermilk and moss recipe I've found online to create moss on the clay. If this draws toads and is as cute as I expect, I'll definitely purchase additional ones. Hope the clay water container will be in stock again, as that will be a nice way to make sure my toads have water!
- Carrie, MO
Toad House 4/12/2016
Love it! We had a toad visit us in our dog's water bowl on the deck last summer. We took the dog bowl up and put out a separate pan of water every night, and it hung around for most of the summer. I hope this toad house will lure it back this year. It is cute, and sturdy. I was so pleased to find it in your catalog.
- Anna Marinoff, MD
garden grandma 4/24/2015
This is the one product I purchased 'just for fun' so my grandchildren and I can keep an eye on it. Don't know if it works or not, but we're willing to wait. I purchased two toad stools (small ceramic) in woodland color, and we set it in the ferns by my water feature. We'll see...but for now it's fun to wait and watch. Thank you
- judy luther, OR
different than photo 3/7/2014
Purchased three of these in the late fall/early winter, so not sure how well they will work. Expect them to attract toads, but disappointed that they do not look as nice in reality as what is depicted in photo. The ones I received are much more rounded, and the mold appears to be much-used, not easy to decipher the scripted message. I hope the photo is updated to more closely represent what is actually stocked.
- gadget girl, TX